When creating print ads or web banners, you are limited by the space and the display techniques. For outdoor ads, you can play with the surroundings and the only limits are the limits of physics. The agencies that designed the following 20 outdoor ads just did an amazing job at being creative.

1. Bic Razor: Billboard

This ad truly reperesents its brand. Have a look at the ad here.

Bic Razor Billboard

2. Panasonic Nose Trimmer: Baldy

This is an amazing way to show the importance of nose hair trimmer. You can view it here.

Panasonic Nose Trimmer Baldy

3. IOV National Day Against Tobacco: Cigarettes

Do you see how smoking disrupts your life? Be aware now and say no to smoking.

IOV National Day Against Tobacco Cigarettes

4. Topfit Fitness Club: Pull-up

Exceed, be at the top. View this ad here.

Topfit Fitness Club Pull-up

5. Colorado State Patrol: Billboard Collision

Tailgating Isn’t Worth It. Give Trucks Room. It’s The Law. View this amazing ad here.

Colorado State Patrol Billboard Collision

6. Liquor Billboard

You can view this ad design here.

Liquor Billboard

7. 3M Post-it: Don’t Forget Your Friends

Have a look at this awesome outdoor ad here.

3M Post-it Don’t Forget Your Friends

8. Peter MacCullum Cancer Centre: Break

Take a break from the sun. View this creative ad here.

Peter MacCullum Cancer Centre Break

9. Alliance Theatre: Pick

You can view this breath-taking design here.

Alliance Theatre Pick

10. Sanctuary Cove Realty: Pristine Waters

And so it was they came to rest on pristine waters… View this ad here.

Sanctuary Cove Realty Pristine Waters

11. Pothole Season: Stunt

You can view this incredible ad design here.

Pothole Season Stunt

12. Caribou Coffee: Ovens out of Transit Shelters

The ad agency created ovens out of transit shelters, including real heat, to showcase the hot and delectable new menu items. Watch this awesome ad concept here.

Caribou Coffee Ovens out of Transit Shelters

13. Hot Wheels: Big Boy

You view this amazing ad here.

Hot Wheels Big Boy

14. Hotwheels: Curl

So, how much do you like the curve? Watch it here.

Hotwheels Curl

15. Absolut: Bloody Bus Stop

A breath taking ad which you can view here.

Absolut Bloody Bus Stop

16. Specsavers: Bus Back Crash

Should’ve gone to Specsavers Frankton. Watch it here.

SpecsaversBus Back Crash

17. Formula Toothcare: Bite

Formula: builds strong teeth. So, are you using formula? If not, then use it now. Check the ad poster here.

Formula Toothcare Bite

18. Berger: Sky

Natural finish colours. Amazing, isn’t it? Have a look at this ad here.

Berger Sky

19. Denver Water: Hose

No watering between 10am and 6pm. Use Only What You Need. See this inspiring ad here.

Denver Water Hose

20. Unitech: Boxes

Time to check out villas at Karma Lakeland. Check it out here.

Unitech Boxes

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