There are two things that you will find in pretty much any good fashion magazine: photos and illustrations. In this post I try to give an overview of different styles of fashion illustration.

1. David Downton

2. Nuno DaCosta

3. Couscous Kid

4. Eduard Erlikh


5. Luís Tinoco

6. Masaki Mizuno

7. Lovisa Burfitt

8. Arturo Elena

9. Paulo Arraiano

10. Fifi Lapin

11. Esra Roise

12. Tanya Ling

13. Laura Laine

14. Danny Roberts

15. Tokyo Candies

16. Tom Bagshaw

17. William Broome vs Marc Jacobs

18. James Jean vs Prada

19. Kareem Iliya

19. AleXsandro Palombo

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