It’s always fun to create awesome designs with free Photoshop stuffs. Here in this blog, we are introducing you 20 free swirl Photoshop brushes that will help you to create your next swirling, and curling designs with a string decorative flair that adds artsy touch to your work. Check it out below:

1. Party Swirl Brushes

Party Swirl Brushes are the set of swirl brushes reminiscent of the festive ribbons for your birthday parties. There are 8 brushes in this set which is perfect for decorating birthday cards.


2. Heart Swirls

Susan Libertiny created this set of heart swirls in Adobe Illustrator and exported to Photoshop at 300 dpi. It was especially created for the Valentine’s Day.


3. Swirl Brushes

Swirl Brushes are made in Adobe Illustrator CS for PhotoShop 7.0.


4. Light Swirls

Light Swirls brushes consist of 8 brushes.


5. Abstract Swirls

Abstract Swirls, created by Susan Libertiny is a free Photoshop brushed created in Illustrator and exported to Photoshop. There’s a single permission free, copyright free image.


6. Swirl Polynsian Brush

Swirl Polynsian Brush set is created by Sunnysideup while doing assignment to put into some sort of Polynesian hints which actually turned out to be very nice.


7. Swirls 3 Brush Pack for Photoshop or Gimp

Swirls 3 Brush Pack for Photoshop or Gimp is of higher resolution i.e. 2500 pixels. These brushes make great background flares and finishing touches for your design project.


8. Swirly Lights

Swirly Lights is designed by Designing Pixels and they all are in .png format, and the background is completely separate from the lines so that they can be easily integrated into your designs. All the images are 3500 by 1951 pixels.


9. 14 Swirl Chaos Brushes

14 Swirl Chaos Brushes are free to use High-Resolution Photoshop / Gimp 2.4+ Brushes which are created in Photoshop CS3.


10. 30 Free Photoshop Swirl Brushes

30 Free Photoshop Swirl Brushes are a set with 30 high-quality swirl Photoshop brushes with an average size 2000px. These brushes were created with Adobe Photoshop CS4 and also work with the version CS, CS2 and CS3.



11. Swirls 2 Brush Set

Swirls 2 Brush Set is available here.


12. Swirl Brushes 1

Swirl Brushes 1 are available here.


13. Swirl 2 Brushes

Swirl 2 Brushes are pack of 3 swirls brushes made in Adobe Illustrator for PhotoShop 7.0


14. 12 Swirl Brushes

12 Swirl Brushes is a great set of swirl brushes made in Adobe Illustrator and exported to Photoshop. These brushes are large in size and can be used for a number of different projects.


15. Light Swirls Brushes

Light Swirls Brushes is a set of Photoshop brushes made up of various swirls of light. The average size is about 1800 pixels, so they’re fairly high resolution.


16. Leaf Swirls

Leaf Swirls are the scanned images of leaves from creator Susan’s backyard which were used to create the leaf images in the designs.


17. Decorative Swirls Brush

Decorative Swirls Brush is a set of 7 brushes made in PS 7.0.


18. Free Photoshop Swirl Brushes Set of 18

Free Photoshop Swirl Brushes Set of 18 is in the form of various swirls. These are good abstract brushes that would add some nice effects to any illustration or design.


19. Free Spiky Swirl Photoshop Brushes

Free Spiky Swirl Photoshop Brushes is a set of Photoshop brushes that contains 15 classic swirl decorations.


20. Swirls and Sparkles

Swirls and Sparkles contain 17 brushes.


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