Whenever you walk down the street, seeing beautiful street art attract you and makes you feel great, isn’t it? There are several places in the world where streets are filled with amazing arts. Today, we have collected 20 gorgeous pieces of street art around the world just for you. Check it out below!

1. Hawaii x Versace Mural

Hawaii has teamed up with California street artist Tristan Eaton to paint a mural for Versace. Check it out here.

Hawaii x Versace Mural by Tristan Eaton

2. Beyond Banksy Project

This is an amazing art in the street of Madrid, Spain. Check this out here.

Beyond Banksy Project

3. Nobody Likes Me

Nobody Likes Me” is the newest offering by Canadian Street Artist iheart  to the streets of Vancouver, a coastal seaport city on the mainland of British Columbia.

Nobody Likes Me by iheart

4. Seth x Makatron x Sirum x Plea x Dem189 New Mural

This is a beautiful piece of street art in Melbourne, Australia. Check it out here.

Seth x Makatron x Sirum x Plea x Dem189 New Mural In Melbourne, Australia

5. Misfit ave

Check this cool street art on instagram by clicking here.

Misfit ave

6. Living graffiti

Hayli Alyce, a Graphic designer  has created this “living graffiti” piece with Spanish moss to portray an uplifting thought through both words and imagery. Check this out here.

Living graffiti

7. By INO in Wynwood

Check this cool piece of street art by INO in Miami, USA.

By INO in Wynwood, Miami, USA

8. Sherlock Homeless

Check it out here.

Sherlock Homeless

9. Seduce

This cool graffiti work is by Phron which is available here.


10. New Blood

Get ready to taste this new blood in the streets by MAC. Check it out here.

New Blood by MAC

11. Street Art by Maldito Juanito

Have a look at some awesome street art by Maldito Juanito here.

Street Art by Maldito Juanito

12. Anomino – The gaoler Madrid, Spain

Check this amazing piece of art here.

Anomino - The gaoler Madrid, Spain

13. Go With The Flow

Another detail from Georgi Dimitrov Erase’s wall for “PUMA”. Check it out here.

GO WITH THE FLOW by Georgi Dimitrov Erase

14. Street art by Aryz

Check the amazing street art by Aryz here.

Street art by Aryz

15. El Mac

El Mac has traveled the world spreading his style and creativity into even the most unfamiliar of places. Check some by clicking here.

El Mac

16. Strook – Stefaan De Croock

Check it out here.

Strook - Stefaan De Croock

17. Nychos, New York, 2012

This new skull-splitting piece is on a roof in Brooklyn. Check it out here.

Nychos, New York, 2012

18. Graffiti Optical Illusion of Depth

Check this street art by Artist 1010 here.

Graffiti Optical Illusion of Depth by Artist 1010

19. Bat and flowers

This is a street art by Stewart Leiwakabessy which is available here.

Bat and flowers

20. 0% Interest

This is really a sweet art by Banksy which is available here.

0 Interest by Banksy

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