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Great illustrations are one of the things that inspire me the most as a graphic designer, I don’t even know why I don’t share it more on this blog. Well, so here is a first showcase of creative and gorgeous illustrations for your eyes’ pleasure.

1. Emmanuel Polanco

emmanuel polanco

2. Raquel Aparicio

raquel aparicio

3. Matthieu Bessudo


4. Jesse LeDoux


5. Alexei Vella

alexei vella

6. Charlotte Traynor

charlotte traynor

7. Ben Lawson

ben lawson

8. Meyoko


9. Yuko Shimizu

yuko shimizu

10. Vicky Newman

vicky newman

11. Joanne Liu

joanne liu

12. Adrian Johnson

adrian johnson

13. William Wondriska

william wondriska

14. Sanna Annukka

sanna annukka

15. Gabriel Moreno

gabriel moreno

16. Yan Wei


17. Cherri Wood

cherri wood

18. Irena Zablotska

irena zablotska

19. Mr Bingo

mr bingo

20. Jon Klassen

jon klassen

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