Are you looking for some cool room decoration ideas for your children? If so, then you are in the right place. Increase the creativity of you children and inspire them through amazing room decorations. Below we have listed 20 ideas to decorate your children’s room. Let’s have a look at them!

1. Little Hands Wallpaper Mural

This sweet little hands wallpaper mural is available here.

Little Hands Wallpaper Mural

2. Whale island

This fabulous wall décor is available here.

Whale island

3. Nocturn-owl Lifestyle Lamp

This is an awesome piece for your child’s room decoration. Get it here.

Nocturn-owl Lifestyle Lamp

4. Left Facing Giraffe 1 Light Wall Sconce

This awesome wall scone is available here.

Jonathan Adler Left Facing Giraffe 1 Light Wall Sconce

5. The Still of the Night Light

This adorable light is available here.

The Still of the Night Light

6. Ceramic Nursery Complete Lamps

This creative ceramic lamps capture the playful spirit of savannah animals. You can get it here.

Ceramic Nursery Complete Lamps

7. White origami Koi Pond

The fish come with a special hanging mechanism which is available here.

White origami Koi Pond

8. Creative pillow

This creative pillow is by Isabel Freire which is available here.

creative pillow

9. Custom 4″ Fleecy Tooth Fairy Pillow

This is really cute and I am sure your child is going to love this.

Custom 4″ Fleecy Tooth Fairy Pillow

10. Bunny costume chair

This is super cute, isn’t it? Check it out here.

Bunny costume chair

11. Unisex Bird Nursery

Inspire you child with this amazing bird nursery which is available here.

Unisex Bird Nursery

12. Dream room

Make your child’s room, his/her dream room with this amazing decoration which is available here.

Dream room

13. Indoor Camping Ideas

Get some indoor camping to your child’s room with these amazing ideas which are available here.

indoor camping ideas

14. A Cosy Attic Room

This is a cosy place to sleep, play and feel comfortable. Get detail here.

A Cosy Attic Room

15. Wonderful nursery

Get this idea here.

Wonderful nursery

16. Clever clothespin crafts

This clever clothespin crafts is by Molas & Co which is available here.

Clever clothespin crafts

17. Fishes

Get these amazing four fishes here.


18. Hot air balloon

Get some hot air balloon to your child’s room!

Hot air balloon

19. Wooden Truck

This is a wooden truck hanging storage display shelf for hot wheels and matchbox cars.

Wooden Truck

20. Rainbow Wall Shelf

This is a cute handmade shelf which is available here.

Rainbow Wall Shelf

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