Minimalism is an ever growing trend amongst design. Using minimalism in a designer’s portfolio allows the focus to be on their work which is vital when securing a client. Below I have collected 20 minimal portfolios belonging to some of the most talented designers around today.

1. Decorated Playlists

2. Bekka Reese

3. Andreas Maks

4. Design made In Germany

5. Creative Blacktie

6. Lundgren+Lindqvist

7. Ben Bate

8. Girlfriend NYC

9. The Office of Felix Ng

10. Things

11. Christopher Meeks

12. Solvstrom

13. Britny

14. Gravity

15. Jonathan Krause

16. Bit This!

17. Newday Media

18. We Are Duo

19. D S Higdon

20. This After That

Ben Bate is an independent designer and developer from Plymouth, England. You can see his portfolio here – or follow him on twitter @ben_bate.

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