A lot of designers, share their experience and work today at internet. There are several websites where you can find insights to what fellow designers are working on and Dribbble is one of them. You can find an array of freebies which you can download from generous Dribbble users.

Today, we have 20 useful and free icon packs offered by designers at Dribble. Have a look at them below and download it to use in your own project.

1. PixelPhilia 32px Icon Set

This icon set is designed by Ömer Çetin and it is available here.

PixeloPhilia 32px Icon Set

2. Premium Pixels Icon Set

Grab this icon set PSD by Matt Gentile by clicking here.

Premium Pixels Icon Set

3. 30 Toolbar Icons for Free

This is designed by Matthew Skiles for free. It is available here.

30 Toolbar Icons

4. Picons Social

This is a combination of 60 Social Vector icons by Morphix Studio. It is available here.

picons social

5. 48 Free 16px Pictograms

Grab these pictograms designed by Miro Keller here.

48 Free 16px Pictograms

6. Mini Clouds Set PSD

This amazing mini clouds set is designed by Jackie Tran. It is available here.

Mini Clouds Set PSD

7. Tinycons Free Preview Pack

Vic Bell has designed this tinycons. You can get it here.

Tinycons Free Preview Pack

8. Toolbar Icons

David Keegan’s free toolbar icons are available here.

Toolbar Icons

9. Icons

This is a free web icon by Paulius Uza. You can get it here.


10. Free Icon Set

Download this free icon set by Joe Prince here.

Free Icon Set

11. Credit Card Icon Pack

The credit card icon pack is designed by Louis Harboe which is available here.

Credit Card Icon Pack

12. 8-bit Social Icon Pack

This 8-bit social icon pack is by Patrick Jones which is available here.

8-bit Social Icon Pack

13. iOS Icon Pack

Michael Shanks’s iOS icon pack is available here.

iOS Icon Pack

14. 140 Icons Freebie

Get these 140 sweet little icons by Thom here.

140 Icons Freebie

15. 350 Free Vector Web Icons

Get these awesome vector collections by Brankic here.

350 Free Vector Web Icons

16. Free Vector Icons

This is a set of 50 crisp minimal vector icons, designed by Hugo. You can get it here.

Free Vector Icons

17. Random Icons

Ryan Quintal has designed these random icons which is available here.

Random Icons

18. Glyphs

Get the glyphs designed by David Silva here.


19. Delight Icons

This is a set of 7 icons in psd format designed by Jeremy Sallée. Get it here.

Delight Icons

20. Socialico Icons Pack

It is designed by Fontfabric which is available here.

Socialico Icons

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