Looking for some packaging design inspiration? Then here we introduce you 20 well designed packaging designs that are amazing and high quality artworks from great designers around the globe. Have a look!

1. Pringles packaging

This simple and clean packaging design is designed by Niklas Hessman who thinks there is a lack of a premium pringles product line and therefore came up with this design.



2. Chimney: Charcoal Grilling Pack

This perfectly designed charcoal grilling pack is available here.




3. Brains

Welsh brewer Brains is unveiling updated bottles for its ales range, created by integrated brand design agency Blue Marlin and this new design is absolutely stylish, simple yet bold and strong.


4. Wintergreen

This is an attractive packaging design that offers second life storage for tea bags, bulk and powder.


5. Aalborg Jubilaeums Akvavit

This amazing packaging design for Aalborg Taffel Akvavit aims to reach a younger target group, while it still have the elderly consumers in mind. A new label has been made for the new bottle, but it has also kept the current traditional logotype.

Aalborg Jubilæums Akvavit

6. Bespoke wooden presentation boxes

This well designed packaging is available here.


7. 140th Anniversary Heineken

This packaging design is designed for 140th Anniversary Heineken.

140th Anniversary Heineken

8. Student Spotlight: De Fietsfabriek

This is designed to unite the robust bikes and the handcrafted production without losing the product.

Student Spotlight

9. Azuñia

This amazing packaging design of Azuñia is available here.


10. Cheer

Cheer packaging design is a complete badass design with contrast color drops that fits pretty well in it.


11. Hopper Whitman

Hopper Whitman is a perfect packaging design for the winter beer.

Hopper Whitman

12. The bold & brave

The bold and brave is a unique collection of five different port varieties, created in collaboration with Bell River Estate.

the bold & brave

13. XCTR

XCTR design is available here.


14. Pink Lady

Pink Lady packaging is designed to be a gift box where you not only give a good looking chain, but also contribute to a great cause by supporting the fight against breast cancer.

pink lady



15. Pereg Gourmet Natural Foods

Pereg Gourmet Natural Foods is designed to create packaging that has a savory, tasty appeal, visually communicates the natural, nourishing qualities of the products and stimulates the consumer.

Pereg Gourmet Natural Foods

16. Designer Milk Packaging

The idea for this design was to keep the packaging uncluttered and make a bold statement as to what the product was.


17. 22 Peñaclara

22 Peñaclara is a new label design with the industrial design of the bottle.

22 Peñaclara

18. Naturall & Zdravo

Naturall & Zdravo design included the new label and the new shape of glass containers.

Naturall & Zdravo

19. Student Work

This design work is by Vincent Wade for the packaging of tomato and brown sauce which was inspired by the wrestling and wrestlers of World of Sport.

Student Work

20. Further with Fury

This beautiful further with fairy packaging design is available here.


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