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Summer is the best time to take a breath and upgrade some professionnal or personnal skills. This list will let you find some food for thoughts, but also some cute little hacks to experiment with gadgets.


1. DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio

Not a professional photographer? This DIY macro photo studio will be enough for most of your close-up pictures… for $10!

2. 12 ways to use your camera as a tool

Because your camera is not only here to take pictures of your cute cat.

3. How To Use Vintage Lenses with Your DSLR

Get good camera lenses for less money, you know you want to.

4. Setting up your own studio at home

Good tips on lightening and set up.

5. DIY Remote shutter trigger for Digital Cameras

Pretty cool stuff, will try it soon.

6. Build a USB Digital Microscope in 60min and 15$

Could do some great graphics with such a gadget.


7. 5 ways to spend less time at work

If you’re in design, chances are that you love/like your job. It’s still a good idea to try not spending all your time at the office.

8. Illuminate your clutter hiding spaces

Simple tip but pretty cool, giving the clutter more exposure will for sure make it unbearable.

9. 6 simple steps to conquer procrastination

Procrastination is the freelancer’s worst ennemy, learn how to fight that bastard.

10. Design Your Space to Achieve Your Goals

Your working (and living) environment have an impact on how you work, learn how to make it better.

11. 15 Tips for Writing Effective Email

Stop waisting time on ineffective emails and learn.

12. Your Guide to Apps that Eliminate Distractions

Yay for apps that help you to concentrate!

13. How to make a Moleskine PDA

Turn your Moleskine notebook into a power-productivity tool.

Money / Finances

14. Productive Finances checklist

Don’t read this one if you have too much money or handle your finances the perfect way. I was a helpful read to me.

15. 16 Easy Ways To Slash Unnecessary Spending

I don’t think I could do all of these, but definitly some good advice there.

16. Receipts, which to keep and which to pitch

Don’t know how to handle your receipts? Read this article to become a receipt-handling expert.

17. 5 Incredibly Boring Ways to Better Your Finances in 2009

Mostly common-sense advice, still not doing it properly though…

18. 8 Important Money Saving Tips For Web Workers

Very good article, you shouldn’t wait too long before you apply the tips.

Lifestyle / Health

19. 10 tips & tricks for better coffee

As a designer, or as a freelancer in general, coffee is probably your main source for energy. These tips will help you to make better coffee.

20. The 5 Simplest Healthy Habits You Will Ever Learn

I’ll do that, but I’ll NEVER give up butter for margarine! No way!

21. 11 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need More Sleep

Loving this article for giving me excuses to sleep more.

22. Exercising the Creative Mind

Because you need to move your body too…

23. 8 ways reading makes you better at life

As a book-lover, I have to agree with this article.

24. Pain & Posture, the basics

Learn how to stop hurting your back at work.

25. How to make a sock monster

Need to get some entertainement too, right?

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