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Designing CD covers is a dream for pretty much every designer, we often feel that we will be more free working for other artists, which is quite true. Unfortunatly, sometimes singers pick the the wrong designers for their music, following is the disastrous result of bad designers creating CD covers.

1. Saveta Jovanovic

saveta jovanovic

I don’t know what part is more depressing: the hairstyle or the hairy legs?

2. Boned


Hard-rock guitar players are soooo manly…

3. The Higher they Climb

higher they climb

Elvis-style rocker tries to catch a star, blurred font, lovely.

4. The Handsome beasts

the handsome beasts

Not sure any comment is needed on this one…

5. The karatist preacher

karatist preacher

Ouch, fear god’s power damned atheists!

6. Leberk√§s’ Hawaii

gerard polt

Photoshop skills anyone?

7. Tozovac


Want to be a real man? Get drunk near some military equipment.

8. The Best of Abba

Richard Clayderman

Couldn’t leave Richard Clayderman out of this…

9. Alla Pugatjova

alla superman

Well… in some weird way I kind of like this one…

10. ManOwar anthology

manowar anthology

Shitty fonts, shitty hairstyles, shitty photo,… nuff said!

11. Live it up

live it up

The band is a pretty good one, I don’t get how they could accept such a cover.

12. Abba – Gracias por la musica

abba gracias

Bad music should get a bad cover, right?

13. Def Leppard

Def Leppard

I would really have wanted to see the brainstorming session for the creation of this cover.

14. Bajo


You gotta love that suit!

15. Jesus use me

jesus use me

Not sure Jesus wants to use those girls…

16. Li’l Richard & his all stars

easter rich

Poor rabbits.

17. Christian Crusaders

christian crusaders

They just stopped their crusade for lunch.

18. Europe – The final countdown

the final countdown

I hope this was also their final cover.

19. ManoWar – Into Glory Ride

manowar into glory

Yes it’s them again… I couldn’t resist.

20. Foster Edwards’ Orch. – What’s Next?

foster edwards orch

Honestly I don’t really want to know what’s next…

21. Minitel Rose – The french machine

minitel rose

Sooo… futuristic!

22. The Bee Gees

Bee Gees Life In A Tin Can

I hope the designer of this cover is hiding in a tin can now.

23. Kjell Kraghe

kjell krahge


24. Cerrone – Supernature

cerrone supernature

Thow horrible fonts with a WTF picture, could it get any better?

25. Senor Coconut

senor coconut

Not sure if you could expect any better with a name like that…

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