With COVID-19, there is a lot of uncertainty around the world at the moment. The only sure thing is that his tiny virus turned the world on its head and changed a lot of habits in a very short time span.

1. Whenever a Meeting Could Have Been an Email, Keep it as an Email

You all know the feeling of being in a meeting where attendance was required, but where you clearly didn’t belong. COVID-19 revealed to everyone that a lot of things could be said in a single email and that most meetings are not necessary.

This is definitely a good habit that we should keep: do not schedule a meeting when it’s not really a necessity. Any IT company that has holds too many meetings should also understand that there will probably be major productivity gains by identifying which meetings to give up.

For the meetings that will remain, any IT company should ensure to adopt best practices for good meeting management. It will improve the relationship between co-workers and profit everybody.

2. Smaller Teams for Quicker Decision Making

With strict regulations being set by many governments around the world because of the pandemic, the concept of social distancing appeared almost everywhere it was possible. For example, in Switzerland, gatherings of more than five people are forbidden.

For work, this means that work had to be broken down into smaller teams, creating new kinds of work dynamics. Management quickly discovered that one large project could often quite easily be turned into several smaller projects, thus manageable by smaller teams.

This is actually a quite good habit for IT teams and has been done by many innovative software development companies who have chosen to work with agile development. This is the path to great management, so it should definitively stay after the COVID-19 crisis.

3. Cybersecurity (and Customers Education) Will Matter More Than Ever

Some companies had to learn it the hard way, digitalization could help them go through the crisis. Not easy to do, when you have to do it in a time of financial and economic stress. Digitalization has probably already saved many businesses, but it also comes with its own challenges.

In fact, the main of these challenges is to avoid being hacked while digitalizing some processes. IT companies in particular should maintain up-to-date with the best cybersecurity practices and keep all employees educated on the topic.


Although the COVID-19 crisis is a huge challenge for most businesses and has already bankrupted quite a few of them, it is also a time of opportunity, especially for IT companies that will get to play an important role of the world coming after the crisis.

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