iphone 3g

The iPhone 3G is out and everybody seems to become completly crazy with it. Of course it is a revolutionary device on the usability and design standpoint, but is it really worth all the hype? Is it really reasonable to buy one now? Let’s see some good reasons for not buying it…

  1. You don’t need one
    Many of my friends reaction when seeing the demo of the iPhone was: “I need one!”. That’s not true at all, they want one, but they don’t actually need it. I am pretty sure that 99.9% of iPhone buyers already own one mobile phone or more, why would they need another one? For the cool image rotation or the improved mobile web browsing? Bullshit, they are just saying that you need one because they want to impress their friends. And hey, if you think you need to watch movies on your phone, listen to what David Lynch has to say about it.
  2. It’s expensive
    Yes, the iPhone 3G is indeed much cheaper to buy than the previous one. However it is still expensive, particularly if you consider the carrier’s plans in different countries.
    How to get broke by buying an iPhone
  3. It’s not ecological
    Let’s face it, buying a new phone when you already own one is not a very green attitude. Of course this applies to all gadgets, but let’s not forget that the iPhone is just a gadget. Now just think about the way you live and consume in general, and think of it in terms of waste. Shopping is not a fun thing and it should not be a hobby, if it is one for you then get a life. You disagree? Go watch the Story of Stuff.

Now it may sound surprising to have a designer telling you not to get an iPhone, I should be the first person excited by the coolness of the thing and it’s amazing design. Guess what? I will probably get an iPhone someday, but only when my current cell phone will be broken. Then I’ll certainly have a better user experience with it than you early-adopters had and will pay it much cheaper. Think about it, don’t get caught up by the hype.

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