Packaging is one of the aspects of design that we see the most, we get packaged products at home, work or wherever we go. The following are great example of well done packaging that add value to the product.

1. Otokoyama Sake


2. Fixa


3. Kleenex slice of summer

kleenex package

4. Kraftstoff Vodka


5. Waitrose Infused Olive Oil

infused olive oil

6. Nestea

7. Waitrose


8. Handy Wipes

handy wipes

9. Coach


10. Lucia

lucia soap

11. Fortnum & Mason

fortnum & mason

12. Samurai Vodka

samurai vodka

13. The Unseen Bean

the unseen bean

14. Audiovox


15. Migros selection

migros selection

16. Pulse Menthol

pulse menthol

17. Pet Food

pet food package

18. Sakura cigarettes

sakura cigarettes

19. Clearspring Organic

clearspring organic

20. Six Feet Under

six feet under packaging

21. Clearspring fruit puree dessert

clearspring fruits

22. Charles Chocolate

charles chocolate

23. Waffle Cones

waffle cones

24. Waitrose herbs

typographic package

25. Hampstead organic tea

organic tea

26. Green Genius

green genius

27. Simpsons DVD case

simpsons donut cd

28. Petrocoll Building Supplies


29. Clipper Tea

clipper tea

30. The Twelve Coffees of Christmas

12 coffees of christmas

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