Your business card represents your business and when the card is creative enough, it will stand out from the pack and grab customer’s attention. If you are looking for some cool and creative business card designs, here we list 30 of them. Have a look at them below!

1. Business Card

This is a custom die cut mushroom cottage business card which is available here.

Business Card

2. Letterpress Business Card: Chef Boulder

This card is printed on very heavy and thick stock to feel like a coaster. It is available here.

Letterpress Business Card Chef Boulder

3. Fabrikk Business Card

This card is designed for a restaurant by a graphic designer Salih Kucukaga. It is available here.

Fabrikk Business Card

4. Transparent Plastic Business Cards

Transparent plastic business card comes with various objects which you can hold in front of someone’s face to give them a funny face! This creative card is available here.

Transparent Plastic Business Cards

5. Front of New Business Card

This card is a combination of a fun picture taken by designer itself and photoshopped one. You can get it here.

Front of New Business Card

6. Nine Lives

It is designed by Design Ranch, which is available here.

Nine Lives

7. Walton Signage

It is designed by Roland Murillo which is available here.

walton signage

8. Melvin

This is a lock Pick card designed by Jeni Mattson. It is available here.


9. Plexiglass PMMA Business Card

This is a special type of plexiglass business card that creates fluorescent light effects with laser technology material: PMMA fluo. You can get it here.

Plexiglass PMMA Business Card

10. Architect Business Card

An architect business card for Architecture and Styling which is available here.

Architect Business Card

11. Clint Davis business cards

This amazing business card is available here.

Clint Davis business cards

12. Sugaroni Business Card

This is an incredible business card which is available here.

Sugaroni Business Card

13. Teaching Shop

It is designed by Hype & Slippers which is available here.

Teaching Shop

14. Business Card Collection

This collection is by Jimmi Tuan which is available here.


15. Yuko Ueumura Business Card

A business card that has used pachica paper, which become transparent when hot stamped. It is available here.

Yuko Ueumura Business Card

16. Edge Painted Business Cards

The Ubiquitous letterpress printed business card that is completed with edge painting. It is available here.

Edge Painted Business Cards

17. Public

It is designed by Public which is available here.


18. Yuka Suzuki

This beautiful card is available here.

yuka suzuki

19. Blooming Business Card

A blooming business card enveloped by a special film that closes in normal room light, but blooms open like a flower in the sun. It is available here.

Blooming Business Card

20. Fashion Boutique Business Card

Fashion Boutique Business Card is designed by Seven Nine.

Fashion Boutique Business Card

21. Gajettes

This card is available here.


22. The church

This card is available here.

the church

23. 40 Sardines

This card is available here.

40 Sardines

24. Marian Bantjes

This card is available here.

marian bantjes

25. ClaraClips business card

This business card is available here.

clara clips

26. Business cards

This business card is available here.


27. Matthew Inman Business Cards

Learn to make an awesome business card at your home by clicking here.

Matthew Inman – Business Cards

28. Mixtape Generation Business Card

This is a card with card holder in a cassette case where the phone number is handwritten. It is available here.

MIXTAPE GENERATION Business Card – Business Cards

29. Mogibo business card

This business card is available here.

Mogibo business card

30. Ninja BTL

Ninja BTL is an innovative business card, which look like a ninja’s star and can be easily folded by the origami folding way. It is available here.

Ninja BTL

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