In this today’s blog, we will be showing you 30 examples of gorgeous wildlife photography that wildlife photographers have taken it by risking their lives. The below listed photographs are an awesome piece to put as your desktop wallpaper. Have a look at them below!

1. Blue-Tongued Lizard

This is a photography of a special lizard which is very rarely found with unique blue tongue. Get more information by clicking here.


2. Southern Masked Weaver

Southern Masked Weaver is an amazing builder which is constructing its home from the very beginning.

Southern Masked Weaver

3. Monarch Butterflies

You’ll feel refreshed by seeing these beautiful and colorful butterflies in their natural habitat. Get more information here.

Monarch Butterflies

4. Frog

This creepy eyed frog is found in the Foja Mountains of New Guinea. View it here.


5. Lowland Gorillas

This lovely photography will melt your heart. You can view it here.


6. Smith’s Green-Eyed Gecko

The eye of this gecko is similar to a globe. Get more info here.


7. Wild Dog

This is a wild dog peering out of tall green grass in Botswana. Get more info here.


8. Shoebill

The shoebill is a bizarre bird, named because of its big bill. Get more info about this shot here.


9. Puffins

They are so adorable. View them by clicking here.


10. Gray Wolf

This gray wolf seems to be in a good mood, it’s calm!


11. Elephants

This amazing elephant photo is perfect to decorate your desktop wallpapers.


12. Sally Lightfoot Crab

This crab seems extraordinary, isn’t it? Get more information here.


13. Namaqua Chameleon

The shadow is more scary than the Chameleon. Get this image here.

Namaqua Chameleon

14. Buffalo

This buffalo is relaxing and enjoying its rest time. Get this image here.


15. Wildebeest

Fill your desktop with wilderness with this wildebeest photograph. For more info, click here.


16. Damselflies

This is a photograph of a pair of mating damselflies forming a heart shape. View it here.


17. Sea Stars

These sea stars seem to be enjoying the brisk of fresh air.


18. Tree Frog

The tree frog is quite hard to be noticed. Get it here.


19. Stallions Fighting

This would be perfect for your desktop wallpaper to bring the wildlife feel. Get it here.


20. Elephant Seal Pups

Aww! It’s so cute when yawning. Get it here.


21. Grizzly Bear Cubs

Are they about to dance? I guess so. View it here.


22. Octopus

This Octopus is also known as “blackwater hang” which is available here.


23. Green Snake on a Branch

Did you see the snake? Shhh.. do not disturb him.


24. Horse Scratching

Someone help him scratch his back. See this beautiful image here.


25. Diving Tiger

So would you also like to check the diving ability test of this tiger? Click here for more information.


26. Northern Spotted Owl

Even the owl hater will simply adore this beautiful owl. You can get this here.


27. Cedar Waxwing

Guess these berries are it’s favorite. Click here for more information.


28. Decken’s Sifaka

Is it peeping at you? Get it here.


29. Mandarin Ducks

These mandarin ducks will bring life to your desktop screen. Get it here.


30. Flamingos

A picture that shows numerous flamingos standing together to draw the giant Flamingo. Get more information here.


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