If you want to keep yourself updated about the latest fashion trends and news, then art and design magazines should be your companion. They are a great source of such information that leads to inspiration. Today, here we have 30 free magazines that you can read online. Have a look at them below!

1. Breed Magazine

You can subscribe to Breed Magazine to get the latest news on art, fashion, music and ideas.


2. Ruby Mag

Ruby is an online art magazine created with a purpose of putting together different artists in a monthly magazine in order to promote and share their work with rest of the world.


3. TXTnein

This is a free pdf magazine made with submissions of graphic designers, photographers and artists over the world. You can get it here.


4. Design And Life

This magazine gathers information including design, lifestyle, fashion, trend and creative news from all over the world.

Design And Life

5. File Magazine

This is a collection of unexpected photography. Grab the copy here.

file mag

6. GizMag

Weekly web magazine published with some of the past subjects, including interviews and artwork. For more info, click here.


7. PDF Mags

You can find fresh inspirational pdf magazines here.

pdf mag

8. Destructed Magazine

This is an art and design magazine in .PDF format released quarterly with each issue deals with a unique topic. You can get it here.

destructed mag

9. Komma

Komma is a platform for presenting projects of students of the Design Faculty of the University of Applied Sciences, Mannheim.


10. Root Magazine

You can get this magazine here.

root mag

11. Castle Magazine

Castlemagazine is an online pdf mag that consists of the work of free Illustrators, Artists and other creative nerds.

Castle Magazine

12. Blanket Magazine

Blanket Magazine covers hundreds of artists, designers and photographers from around the world.

Blanket Magazine

13. Royal Magazine

This is a private journal of The KDU (Keystone Design Union), a Global Fraternal Creative Collective dedicated to creating and managing innovative design centric objects, brands and experiences.

Royal Magazine

14. Phase Collective

Get this magazine by clicking here.

Phase Collective

15. Sphere Magazine

You can get it here.

Sphere Magazine

16. NLF Magazine

Nothing Last Forever magazine is available here.

NLF Magazine

17. Noname Magazine

NNM is dedicated to create, produce & promote experimental artistic projects with upcoming and established artists worldwide.

Noname Magazine

18. Kromag

Kromag aim to promote worldwide creative, talent, and everything else related to top-notch projects from studios, freelancers and more.


19. Etel Magazine

You can get it here.

Etel Magazine

20. Proteus Mag

This is an online art and design magazine which is available here.

Proteus Mag

21. Multilink Magazine

You can get this magazine here.

Multilink Magazine

22. Daheim Magazine

Get this magazine here.

Daheim Mag

23. Bedifferent

You can get this here.


24. Made in Street

Get this magazine here.

made in street

25. Beast Magazine

The bible of inspiration which is available here.

Beast mag

26. RevolutionArt Magazine

RevolutionArt international magazine is a publication delivered in pdf format as a collective sample of the best of the graphics arts, modeling, music, and world tendencies.

RevolutionArt Magazine

27. bitFUUL Magazine

bitFUUL Magazine is a free online PDF publication featuring alternative forms of art and photography.

bitFUUL Magazine

28. Delve Magazine

Delve was created to explore visual culture through experimentation in design, photography, illustration, and other related visual arts.

delve mag

29. Veer Catalog

Check out the veer catalog here.

veer catalog

30. Artzmania

Artzmania is an independent venture showcasing outstanding international creativity and culture.


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