If you are an artist and you are seeking for self-promotion of your art then here we have 30 great blogs to help you promote your arts. The below given blogging websites clearly accept submissions while some of them require a bit more action on your part as well. So for all the designers, multimedia artists, photographers and illustrators, there is something for you. Have a look at the given blogging websites.

1. Art Threat

Art Threat is your guide to political art and cultural policy. It writes about art that seeks to interpret, influence, or reflect upon society.

Art Threat

2. i can read

I can read is an art featuring some aspect of the written word.

i can read

3. The Only Magic Left is Art

The Only Magic Left is Art helps to enter an era of “artistic equality” among the creative stratosphere.

The Only Magic Left is Art

4. Tumblr Open Arts

Tumblr Open Arts is where you can find all the new discoveries, happenings and best of in the Tumblr art world.

Tumblr Open Arts

5. Heartwork

Heartwork is for all the Art, design and fashion.


6. Eat Sleep Draw

EatSleepDraw is an online art gallery where 100% original content submitted by contributors across the globe is posted.


7. Curating the Unseen

Curating the Unseen features unknown and emerging photographers.

Curating the Unseen

8. WinterHouse International

WinterHouse International is a platform where artists from all around the world share their work and experiences.

WinterHouse International

9. Summer Fridays For Art!

Summer Fridays For Art! Tumblr is partnering with BLOUIN ARTINFO to co-publish your original “Summer Friday” themed art.

'Summer Fridays For Art


BOOOOOOOM! is a community of people excited to go out and be creative!


11. The Youth

The Youth is an art gallery but not photography.

The Youth

12. We Like To Draw

We Like To Draw is intended for people that love art and love to share art.

we like to draw

13. Flash Flash Flash

Flash Flash Flash is a photography blog.

flash flash flash

14. B&W

Submit your Black and white ink drawings here.


15. RAWZ

Submit your work to the Abduzeedo tumblr with a chance to be featured on the front page as well.



Submit your creative links and news here.


17. Saatchi Online

Saatchi Art is the world’s leading online art gallery, connecting people with art and artists they love.

saatchi art

18. CreativeFluff Magazine

CreativeFluff Magazine is an online magazine dedicated to providing you the best in art, culture, design, film & philosophy about all things creative.

Creative Fluff Design


ART BLOG is an inspirational art gallery.


20. HyperAllergic Labs

HyperAllergic Labs is the world’s greatest New York art blogazine.

Hyperallergic LABS

21. Squidoo

You can tell your story at Squidoo.

Squidoo   Welcome to Squidoo

22. Designzzz

Designzzz is a design and art inspiration blog.

Designzzz   Graphics and Web Design Blog

23. Artists Inspire Artists

Create your art and get inspired or be the inspiration to others by sharing at Artists Inspire Artists.


24. Culturepush

Culturepush tracks cool stuff in art, culture and design in Singapore.


25. JazJaz

JazJaz is a platform where you can send in your artworks, photographs, videos, and guest articles.


26. Daily Art Fixx

Daily Art Fixx is a platform to immerse yourself in art – for education and inspiration.

Daily Art Fixx

27. Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday is a weekly creative outlet/participatory art exhibit for illustrators & artists of all skill levels.

Illustration Friday

28. Supersonic Electronic

Supersonic Electronic is an Art Tumblr that seeks to chronicle the rise of the Electronic School of contemporary art.


29. The Flaneur

The Flaneur is an art blog that features culture reviews & travel articles.

The Flaneur art blog

30. Ben Trovato Blog

Ben Trovato Blog is the best fashion photography blog.


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