There’s no such thing as a free lunch! Or is there? Well if you can eat icons there is. Here are 35 fresh, high quality icon sets free for download. There is a vast amount of free icons sets out there and this is a mere sampling of some of the good ones. If you’re planning to use them for a specific application then you may need to hunt around a bit more. Some of the websites dedicated to icons have decent search facilities that can help.

While these are free, always check any usage limitations. For example some may not allow commercial use. Be careful of attribution if required, and also that you’re getting the set from an appropriate source.

I’ve grouped them into four rough categories: Web, Useful, Social Media and Awesome.

Web Icons

Web Applications Icons – Ray Cheung

A neat, colorful simple set of 3D web icons.

Free Icons 3 – Andy3ds

A simple 2D set of web of colorful app icons.

Adobe Work Folders – LeMarquis

Big bold folder icons with adobe app designations.

32px Mantra – umar123

A nifty set of 2D mixed use icons.

Light Icons – Sone-pl

A set of colorful icons in 2D and in two sizes.

WebyIcons – kyo-tux

Nicely styled set of 2D and some 3D icons.

SMBO Icon Set – mayack

Business like icons in subdued colors.

Web Carton – shlyapnikova

A cute set of childlike icons in primary colors.

Web Injection – Jonatan Fernandez

A nice set for specific applications.

iMac – Viki

A set of Mac style folder icons.

Feed Icons – Kuswanto

An extensive set of RSS feed icons.

Red Little Shoes – Raindropmemory

A pastel set of childlike icons.

Useful Icons

Sports Illustrated – kevinandersson

Balls of every kind, and in four different sizes.

Pathfinder Weather Icons – antonist

Designing a weather forecast website? These will help.

iPhone Theme Icons Picnic – guteCharlotte

Icons in the iPhone app icons style.

Icons Set 1 – Dimpoart

An odd assortment of 3D icons. They may, or may not, be of use.

Stock Icons – indestudio

Many different 3D icons of everyday items.

Stationary Icons – Deziner Folio

Crisp set of icons dedicated to pens, paper and paint.

Social Media Icons

Silentium – iMushDesing

Social media and app icons in the iPhone app icon style.

Bulb Social Media Icons – Sargsyan

Done from a chemist’s point of view.

A Set of Social Icons – Tydlinka

All in a circular, cog like style.

Awesome Icons

Pioneer Camp – Iconka

Some unusual but beautifully crafted icons.

Face Avatars – Deleket

Template avatars are always useful. This is an excellent set of expressive icons.

El Bandito – Miamoto

Some excellence found here in the bandito style.

James Bond, Dr No – hbilen

It’s just possible you might need these. You never know.

Spirited Away Icons – blinc-C

Hands up if you love Studio Ghibli! This is a must have for fans.

Fruits Illustrated – kevinandersson

Fruit keeps you health. Get some here!

Old School Icon Set – Paul Kadysz

Some old style tech in icon form. Done in grey.

Macs – ArchiGraphs

Some nicely styled Apple equipment icons.

Food Icons – Iconshock

Food glorious food. In primary colors in this case.

Cool Head – Kidaubis

Some really good famous iconic head icons.

Tourism – iconka

Beautifully styled famous landmarks.

Traditional Ukrainian Icons – artua

Some a little unusual. Possibly useful if you’re designing for a Ukrainian user base.

Star Trek – The Icon Factory

For the fans.

Vintage Kitchen – Greg Barnes

And last but not least, for those cooking apps!

As you can see, the largest source of these icons is the Deviant Art website. Deviant art has a workable category system to help find the types of icons that you want. Other good sites are Artua Design and Freebies Dock.

Remember to always check the licensing!

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