Having visual experience of any object is a much more effective way of understanding it than hearing even the most detailed description. This idea remains truthful whatever sphere of life is taken into account and real estate marketing is not an exception. Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of 3D animation for real estate.

People have been visually displaying surrounding objects since pre-historic times. Cave art belongs to the earliest attempts followed by carvings, sculpture, drawing and painting. An early 19th century invention, photography, was a revolutionary way of creating images in those days. Photography wasn’t affordable for most people over a very long period of time so it wasn’t as common as nowadays.

The next step taken by the mankind in terms of depicting art was the invention of video recording and the appearance of cinema as an art form. Although the first examples of moving pictures look quite basic and poor quality now, they were a real marvel for the early 20th century viewers.

However, the technologic advance did not stop there and year 1972 was marked by the invention of computer generated 3D animation. Computer generated imagery has changed considerably throughout the years and nowadays we take it for granted as a part of our everyday lives. The range of spheres which take advantage of 3D visualization is really impressive. These include education, entertainment, marketing, creative arts, gaming, science, engineering and many others. 

3D animation is a great solution for the authors of architectural projects. It helps to demonstrate the final product in the most precise way going far beyond floor plans, sketches, and pictures all together. – mentioned by Jasen Edwards, chair of the Agent Editor Board at Agent Advice.

Undoubtedly, the best way of getting a complete image of a place is a video as it closely simulates a real visit to the property. Although video doesn’t provide you with all the opportunities of a virtual tour, it is still far more effective than a picture. A property video provides the viewer with a tridimensional visual experience, helping to understand the overall concept of the building, its size, structure and character. 

A video gives the viewer an opportunity to have a full realistic image of a place and evaluate its dimensions. A sketch or a photo won’t give you enough information about the unit. There will be much left to imagine and feel doubtful about. However, 3D visualization enables the viewer to examine the place from different perspectives.

In addition, as it gives an opportunity to realistically evaluate the dimensions of the room, 3d fly-through animation allows the customer to visualize the possible ways of arranging furniture and decorating the interior. Each square meter of the property is covered by the 3D presentation and demonstrated in the most accurate way. What is more, it is also possible to include the outer view of the building as well.

Switching to the question of the property’s outer look, what do we usually get with a picture or a sketch? In most cases, it is an image of the building on a white field. Anyway, surroundings play a great role when people are in search of the place to live. Customers tend to be particularly interested in what the neighborhood looks like and what kind of opportunities it offers. To cover this need, the project designer will have to create a series of pictures and plans and still these developments won’t be able to give a clear overall view of the area. That is why 3d animation is an excellent option for demonstrating the territory around the object. In respect of presenting the outer look of the house and the local area to the viewer, aerial shot videos appear to be perfect: both highly informative and spectacular.

3D visualization works well enough for projects concerning the buildings which already exist. In particular, 3D property video is a great tool for presenting changes made to the property. The final product is a sequence of videos featuring the building before redecoration or reconstruction as well as the results of transformation.

Being a top option for demonstrating a construction project, 3D animation is a powerful commercial instrument. Videos will advertise the property to your future customers better than photos or floor plans. What is more, real estate video can feature both finished buildings and off plan property concepts.

Dealing with VisEngine, be sure to get high quality visualization of your project as we take advantage of the most recent developments in 3D animation technology. The software which we use in our practice helps to successfully carry out different tasks and solve challenges. Have your ideas professionally visualized by a team of qualified developers and you will get a video which will promote the property more effectively than a thousand photos.

The group of professionals at VisEngine will create a 3D animation clip according to your outline. We can make a video of an off plan object giving you broader marketing opportunities. An appropriately designed visualization is a high productivity commercial instrument which will allow your customer to experience a detailed view of the property and assess its opportunities.

Speaking in terms of marketing it is also worth mentioning that real estate fly-through animation is a visually attractive means of conveying information in comparison with images. What is more, it can cover a considerable amount of data within a short period of time. Videos are more emotional than pictures and thus they directly stimulate viewers’ interest. 3D animation is sure to draw attention of both your potential customers and people whose aim is to make an investment into a construction project. With an illustrative real estate video you will definitely be ahead of other businesses.

In case you hesitate about having a video created for using it within your promotional strategy, check out several 3D animations and you will see how they work. VisEngine team are always ready to bring your most daring visions to life. If you decide to take advantage of 3D animation for creating either an informative property video or an advertisement, the results will go beyond what you have anticipated.

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