Mobile-first web design is one of the key factors to your success as a website in this era of digital dominance, especially in the B2C area where the majority of internet users gain access through their smartphones. As a result, many marketing strategies have shifted to accommodate new devices and their numerous possibilities.

In order to have success, businesses must take into account the potential and the following benefits on why you should evolve to a web design that has a mobile-first agenda:

1. Better Exposure

One of the best features of having a mobile-first website is that you easily gain more exposure. Google has recently added a feature called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This ensures that the constructed web page renders its static content much faster. By activating AMP on your website, Google caches your pages and this will lead to quicker loading speeds. Consequently, it will contribute to improvement in your rankings on mobile devices as it leads to enhanced user experience.

2. SEO – Google SERPs

Google algorithm works in favor of those websites that enable mobile usability by introducing the mobile-first index which means that Google will include the mobile version of your website as a starting point for indexing. This may not affect your rankings at all, but tracking the performance of your website is a primary factor to consider when comparing results between mobile and desktop versions. If the desktop version brings far better results, the mobile approach shouldn’t be a top priority (for example common for B2B businesses). This can be achieved by creating relevant and timely reports and analysis of the performance that will ultimately provide a roadmap for a successful website strategy and results. When these reports become massive and endless in data, a dashboard builder becomes a priority in data management and analysis.

3. User Experience and Navigation

Following the first point, having a great user experience is crucial to improve your ratings. The key is to have easy navigation. This will make sure that users are never lost while surfing through your website. Besides, it makes finding information much easier. Chances are people will not leave your website if they find what they are looking for – fast and easy.

Navigation has become an integral part of today’s web designs and Mobile-first navigation became a crucial component that reduces the chances of visitors to bounce away.

4. Earnings through advertisement

Earning revenue is one of the key elements of your website if you are a business. Getting rewards for your efforts is something that is expected by default. Advertising platforms are an ideal platform to achieve this. In case your website is mobile friendly, it has the possibility to rank higher, as mentioned earlier. As a result, there will be a higher probability for your ads to be seen and clicked, contributing to your revenue. Further, if you have activated AMP on your website, your pages will load faster and increases the chances of clicks on ads.

As mentioned, mobile-friendly websites should be mainly a priority when it comes to B2C businesses, but the commonly used devices (mobile vs desktop) of your target groups are the key factor that will decide whether you need a mobile-first approach or not. Make sure you consider these points while designing your website.

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