The web is full of resources, but they’re often hard to reach. This is the reason why I think it’s important to organize them with a coherent structure and share it with you. So just bookmark this page for whenever you’ll need it, it’ll be useful. Please also mention if I missed anything.

  1. Organizing
  2. Communicating
    • Skype
      Cheap or free calls from your computer.
    • Adium
      Multi-client instant messaging application for Mac OSX.
    • Pidgin
      Multi-client instant messaging application for Windows.
  3. Brainstorming – Wireframing
      Online brainstorming application.
    • mindmeister
      Collaborative online mind mapping.
    • gliffy
      Create and share flowcharts and diagrams online.
  4. Typography
  5. Webdesign
    • Typetester
      Compare fonts for webdesign.
    • Em Calculator
      Convert your pixel font size in its scalable em font size.
    • HTML entity lookup
      Quickly find HTML entities.
    • sIFR
      Insert rich accessible typography in your websites.
    • Blueprint CSS framework
      Save time on your CSS developement with this framework.
    • Web Developer Toolbar
      The do-it-all Firefox extension for webdesign.
    • MeasureIt
      Firefox extension to measure anything on a webpage.
    • ColorZilla
      Pick any color on a webpage with this Firefox extension.
    • Firebug
      Debugging Firefox extension.
  6. Colour
    • ColourLovers
      Create, search and share colour palettes online.
    • Kuler
      A copy of ColourLovers, with a better interface.
    • Colour Blindness simulator
      Upload an image to visualize it like color blind people do.
      A collection of Color tools.
  7. Layout
  8. Image editing
  9. Stock photography
  10. Backing up – Archiving – Copyrighting
    • 7-Zip
      Open Source file archiver for Windows.
    • The Unarchiver
      Open Source file archiver for Mac OSX.
    • Copyscape
      Check if your website content has been ripped off.
    • Mozy
      Online data backup solution.
    • IdleBackup
      One-click backup utility for Windows.
    • ChronoSync
      Backup and synchronization utility.

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