Rings are often beautiful, but tend to stay quite traditional in term of design, at least when it comes to buy a ring for weddings. There are plenty of rings that are design with other materials, and look way more creative. In this post we check out a few of the rings with the best designs.

1. Bunny Ring

This one is so adorable, isn’t it? The bunny will jump around your finger, but never catch his tail.

Bunny Ring

2. Scrabble Ring

What’s your mood today? Feel like kissing or loving? Scrabble your ring as per your mood.Scrabble Ring1

Scrabble Ring2

3. I Love You Ring

Express your love and make it feel with this I Love you ring in Braille.

I LOVE YOU in Braille

4. Dragon Ring

Want some dragon flavor in your ring? Then try this dragon ring that came out straight from Game of Thrones.

Dragon Ring

5. Mouse Ring

Who wants this little cute mouse ring?

Mouse Ring

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