These are some art projects that I found interesting or amusing in the past months. Instead of keeping it in my bookmarks, I thought that it would be better to share it with my dear readers.

1. Fly on the Wall

dead fly photography

Swedish photographer Magnus Muhr seems to have a lot of fun with insects, especially flies. He makes some quite funny compositions with dead flies and draws around to create some funny pictures.

2. Gehard Demetz’s futuristic wood sculptures

futuristic wood sculptures

Although they have a classic figure, Gehard Demetz‘s wooden sculptures have modern carvings and themes.

3. Sheep light

sheep light

I didn’t find any information about this, it probably wasn’t even meant to be art, but I found the result rather amusing.

4. Little people

little people

These tiny people are already very famous on the Internet, I just couldn’t leave them out since there probably my favorite street art project.

5. Sorted books

primitive art

This one is quite amusing, people take books in their collection and organize it in such a way that the combined titles create a sentence, then take a picture and send it on the website.

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