You already are a happy iPhone owner, enjoying the smooth UI and great functionalities of Apple’s phone. Make your Apple device even better with these awesome gadgets.

1. Pogo iPhone/iPad Stylus

The best way to sketch on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad is still to get a stylus. Specially design for Apple’s touchscreen devices, the Pogo is one of the best to sketch on the iPhone for just $9.99.

2. iPhone Xstand

For $29.99, get this beautiful Mac style iPhone stand.

3. iPhone Dock Projector

Impress your clients by beaming your project presentation from your iPhone, it’s a bit pricy at $399, but totally worth the money.

4. iBottle opener

Probably a little less professional, although I met quite a few clients in bars. This iPhone case is the ultimate app to open bottles for just $14.99.

5. FreeLoader Pro Solar Charger

Get a little greener with this solar charger, enough to power your iPhone for $69.99.

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