In a very short time, individuals and companies have utilized the internet to start their own online businesses. Because your website will be your physical existence and you can do anything through the internet.  In fact, the development of the internet does provide a plethora of opportunities for the business market. The number and variety of online businesses are increasing rapidly every day, since, luckily, anyone with a good internet connection can start their online business. However, building and sustaining a successful online business does not happen overnight. Business owners need to monitor many attributes and include several technological tools that help them reach their clients and increase their revenue. 

If you are new to online business, or you are re-evaluating an existing one, then this article is for you. We have gathered 5 must-haves for any online business. 

A killer website 

A website where all the action will take place for your online business. It is the first impression your business will make, acting as the company’s image and reputation. Online businesses, regardless of size, are advised to prioritize websites within the company’s important to-do list and to invest money in hiring a professional to create a killer website. Web design professionals are able to tailor a website to the exact need of your business, whether you want it to increase online sales or drag your customers to your shop. They will deliver a strong, responsive and good-looking web design with reliable usability, which will increase your customer’s interest and trust. The fact is 30-60% of your company’s website visitors will not navigate your website because of poor user experience design. So, your website needs to impress your client in the first 10-20 seconds.

On top of that, website professionals will consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO), by creating the best quality content and website architecture. They can also help in building your local SEO strategy if needed by your online business; that means, if your website is made to drag people into your shops, as mentioned before, then you will need to reach local customers more than people around the world. Local SEO helps you show your products and services in front of potential clients within specific geographical locations. It was developed because of the growing number of searchers that use the keyword ‘near me.’ You better take advantage of that in your website, by carefully selecting content and keywords to be visible in major search engines.

Proper branding 

Many people and business owners have been misunderstanding the definition of branding, and how it is important to every business. Branding has been known to be just a logo that you put on a business card, website or social media page. However, unfortunately, it is more than that. Branding communicates to potential customer the company’s core values, mission statement and in-house culture. Brand identities are created by branding experts; they work hand in hand with business owners to create a name, logo and overall image. It is a marketing practice that helps identify and distinguish the business from other competitors in the market. A suitable branding will benefit any business, no matter what they are selling, and to whom. Whether the target market is individuals or businesses, it will increase consumer’s recognition and business values, building trust in the market which will attract new customers along the way. 

Social media existence

Nowadays, social media is not only considered as entertainment platforms, but rather as a very strong marketing tool in the business world. It had opened up a lot of chances for businesses to advertise their products or services with way less cost than traditional advertising means. Every business should exist in the social media platforms, which will act as an essential complement to the business website and SEO strategy. But which social media platform to choose solely depends on where you can find your target market persona, where they are more active and what they search for. Some businesses have taken advantage of the “storytelling” beauty that social media provided. They prefer to market their products through a story such as how a product is made, or providing constant information. Either way, it builds a strong and emotional relationship with customers, which increases their attachment to the brand. Bottom line, having a strong and visible social media presence will definitely increase website traffic and brand recognitions, as well as build a strong customer base.


A blog is a fascinating and creative marketing tool for any online business. It occurs to everyone when searching for something and you find yourself reading a blog on someone’s website. Everyone loves blogs; they are very informative and fun to read. They are also very easy to create on your website. You just need to assign a tab for your blog and start writing engaging content for your target group. Some business owners think of blogs as sending invitations for their clients to visit the company’s website. If you are able to post every day and link your blog with stories created on Instagram, then you will have such a strong online existence and increasing number of customers every day. 

Prolonged email list 

Recent studies showed that 70% of internet users, do check their emails everyday. Thus, email campaigns are still playing a powerful and cost-effective advertising tool, even after the social media hype. Statistics proved that e-mail subscription can increase website traffic tremendously, helping businesses connect with their target market and increase ROI (return on investment). Besides, email lists have been considered by many business owners as their biggest asset. They provide you with customer-related data with a direct link to them. Well, if somebody signed up, then it means they are interested in what the business has to offer and, most likely, will make a purchase sooner or later. It is, without a doubt, one of the most effective customer building tactics found online.

In a nutshell, besides having a fascinating idea and providing good products or services, following the above mentioned tips will help you build a successful and strong online business.

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