Although it doesn’t pass from people to people, Alzheimer’s disease is truly becoming one of the epidemics of our time. If you have ever witnessed one of your loved ones experiencing it, you know how saddening it is to see old people with a lot of life stories forgetting everything.

The following ads were all part of campaigns around the world that tried to raise awareness about the disease.

1. A Belgian Campaign

A great visualization of what it must feel to forget things so quickly.

2. Alzheimer France Campaign

A campaign that reflects on the feeling of loss and the great memory mix-up that happens to Alzheimer’s disease victims.

3. Alzheimer Italia Campaign

This campaign insists with a powerful visual on the loss of identity that comes with the loss of memory.

4. Alzheimer Blank Page

A simple, but efficient way to get the message across.

5. Alzheimer France Campaign

Another powerful campaign that shows one of the heartbreaking effects of the disease, the loss of connection to the loved ones.

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