If you run a WordPress website and have been using Jetpack plugin to help you manage and better organize all the details of your online business, from uploading new content, managing social media to security and theme customization, you may want to consider upgrading to Jetpack Professional and here are a few reasons why.

1. Backups

Jetpack Pro makes it so much easier and less nerve-wrecking to smoothly run your website thanks to the automated, real-time backups, so you no longer need to worry about losing anything you’ve just created. Other than that, it offers unlimited storage space and one-click restores, helping you navigate “behind the scenes” of your page efficiently, effortlestly and fast, avoiding time delays caused by minor mistakes that tend to happen to all of us, as careful as we may try to be.

2. Security

We hear it all time – websites losing invaluable data due to malicious intent, hacking or accidental damage. We all think it cannot happen to us, but – why take the risk? Jetpack Pro includes the essential tools to keep your entire site backed up, spam and malware-free and their professional priority support is just a click away at all times, whichever timezone you live in. Their malware scanner together with the built-in firewall removes the necessity of purchasing additional security plugins making it even easier to keep all your data protected.

3. Website Maintenance

Whatever the size of your business, website maintenance is of extreme importance. Your website is the place where you attract new customers and keep the relationship with the existing ones. Therefore, you want it to be regularly updated, fully functioning and flowing together with changes in the trends and needs of your clients. With Jetset Pro you have access to more than 200 customizable themes and their authors who are available to offer you priority support in case of any doubts or inconveniences. Other than that, there’s a whole team of engineers in every timezone working for you and your customers’ best online experience.

4. Marketing

Marketing and revenue do not longer need to be a source of stress if you decide to invest in Jetpack Professional. With SEO preview tools, social media scheduling, PayPal payments, WordPress optimized ad network you can be sure your content will reach the right eyes at the right time, attracting more potential customers to your page. Jetpack Pro also offers unlimited use of high-speed image and video CDN which can ensure that your visitors have an incomparable user experience every time they decide to click on your site.

5. Website Monitoring

You are all calm and content with your awesome webpage attracting more and more clients who hungrily devour all that amazing new content that you upload daily… until you receive a message that your page is inaccessible from mobile devices for a week already! To avoid these kinds of situations and save yourself the time of personally checking every few hours if everything’s running smoothly, upgrade your website monitoring game! Website monitoring is crucial as it checks and verifies that the site is up and users can have the exact same experience as you envisioned them to have. Jetpack Pro covers that part of the website running as well, removing the unnecessary stress from your day-to-day and letting you focus on content-creation and more fun parts of the business.

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