Our modern life has its advantages, but there is one major default with the way we work: we sit way too much. With this, many health problems can occur, like an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases for example. One of the often cited solutions is to get a standing desk, so let’s take a look at some of these products actually on the market.

1. Stand desk

Designed by Steven Yu, the stand desk is as simple as it gets. A desk with a nicely designed frame that you can bring up or down with a simple button system. The price starts at $399, which makes it one of the most affordable quality standing desks out there.

You can buy it here. Unfortunately it only ships in the US market for now.



2. Bekant by IKEA

I’m not a big fan of IKEA, I don’t like the fact that nearly every household in the world is filled with the same products. However, to be fair in this article, I had to include this product, as the Swedish company provides decent quality item for an affordable price. Bekant is one of those, it can be used as a sitting or standing desk and start with a price of $773 on Amazon.


3. The Stir Kinetic desk

If you got too much money on your hand or if you are looking to break the bank, consider buying the Stir Kinetic desk. A journalist said that “if Apple designed a desk, it would look like that”. While I’m not sure about that, it’s a good way to express that the product is well-designed and gorgeous. But still, it costs at least $2’990.

For that price, you’ll get inlaid touchscreen control, stats on your usage of the desk, wifi control, and other high-tech features.


4. The hamster wheel

A desk designed to make you walk while you work, which would technically make it a walking desk. You can find a tutorial on how to build it on Instructables. I’m not sure too many workers will be flattered by the metaphor of feeling like a hamster in a cage at work.


5. StandStand

Designed to be able to work standing anywhere, it is only usable if you work with a laptop. They also have a version that gives you some space to use a mouse, but despite the good product design, this standing desk doesn’t look too comfortable to work with. It comes at an unbeatable price though.



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