If you are a Mac user and a web designer, you have probably already heard of Coda. I’ve been working with it for almost 4 years now, and I must say that it has changed the way I worked. If you’re not using it yet, this article should convince you to at least try it.

For those of you who are already Coda users, I’ve compiled a few tips that should make your use of Coda even better and more productive.

1. Adapt the documentation to your needs

You are probably already familiar with Coda Books, but did you know that it’s very easy to add more books? Drä Studio has a good post compiling many books that you can add to your documentation, he also explains how to add custom books.

2. Learn your shortcuts

Like for any other application, working with Coda is much quicker when you master the shortcuts. Brad Strickland has compiled a list of shortcuts that will make your life easier.

3. Take advantage of Coda clips

One of the cool features in Coda is the ability to save snippets of code for quick use in the future. Like most users I started by adding my own snippets, and still do, but I found that the best way to install lots of Coda clips by browsing Coda-clips.com.

4. Set your preferences wisely

This article by NetTuts+ share a lot of tips, the first one will walk you through the setup of Coda preferences.

5. Customize the application

Coda is a quite simple application, it is the reason of its big success. However you may want to add some funcionality that you need or that make Coda even more productive. Here is a huge list of Coda plugins, pick the ones you need.

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