A dating application is an important tool which the user actively uses when they are going to find a single lady. They actively interact with it, enter information and change settings. Don’t confuse it with the site. Web applications occupy a niche in the online space. These are useful services, so it is profitable for companies to create them to provide their clients with a bigger number of opportunities. Naturally, when you create an application according to the certain criteria, you will get a profit, and if you ignore them, then all your efforts will be in vain.

1. Compliance with the business task

The main criteria are the answers to the questions, “What tasks should be solved by the application? What results should be obtained?” Non-compliance with these criteria is a guaranteed failure. The tasks change depending on whether a web app is developed for a national or international audience. Besides, it’s very important to increase conversion, gather information about the target audience, increase loyalty, sell related products and services. The business objective, which the application must solve affects the interface and functionality. For example, to increase popularity, the interface must be designed so that nothing prevents the user from enjoying the usage.

2. Qualitative UX

Interaction with the application is a personal process, part of the individual user space. A person should be comfortable when they work with the application. Ideally, you need to do so that the person does not get distracted at all and has a pleasant, positive user experience. You might have in mind one or two applications that it is very pleasant to use, and everything seems to be done for you. Such emotional attachment is the main goal, on which big departments work.

3. User Interface (UI)

The user interface is the part which is responsible for usability and beauty. It is UI-masters who create the interface structure and test it for convenience. Here’s an example about UI: the cross, with which you close browsers, documents, any files, and applications, is not by chance in the upper right corner (Apple’s graphical windows are an exception). Both right-handers and left-handers mostly use a computer mouse with their right hand. And it is more convenient for them to move the cursor to the right corner because it is closer. And there are hundreds of such examples. Many of them are standardized, while others change under the influence of trends in web design and usability. In 2019, the design of a web app should be minimalistic, have natural forms and large print.

4. Using popular solutions and trends

If you do not use them, the dating application will quickly become uninteresting. And a person will rather close it. Obviously, this only hinders the implementation of the business task. Therefore, to use relevant popular solutions and trends is a mandatory point. The application must support the latest versions of popular browsers, otherwise, you will lose customers.

5. Smooth and stable operation of the application

Any action that the user performs in it should be executed instantly. If there is the slightest slowdown, the user can begin to get nervous because they don’t want to wait. If there are some problems, the user is likely to close the app and may never come back to it. To make the response speed lightning fast, you need to provide a high-quality backend and a stable connection with the servers. And there must be technical support: there will be users for whom the FAQ will not be enough. If they feel that you ignore their problems while working with the application, they will most likely stop using it.

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