The art of combining text with animation has really taken off in recent years. Whether it’s corporate advertising or a fan-made video; graphic designers with After Effects skills have endless possibilities of making type move in magnificent ways. What really makes kinetic typography work, though, is how the designers capture the feel of their subject by adding those subtle tweaks. check out these 50 examples and gather some food for thought…

1. Jonathan Coulton’s Shop Vac

2. Psychiatric Answering Machine

3. Dark Knight – “I’m a guy of simple taste.”

4. Renault – Tough

5. Amore Baciami (1988) by Oliver Harrison

The first ever kinetic typography film.

6. Toshiba WHITE BOX computer

7. The Lollipop Tree

8. Full Metal Jacket – “Who said that!?”

9. Instant Auto Finance

10. Barbie Girl, Aqua

11. My Life Would Suck Without You, Kelly Clarkson

12. Disturbia, Rihanna

13. Run This Town, Jay-Z and Rihanna


14. Sherlock Holmes – “I am phychologically disturbed.”

15. Pulp Fiction – “Did I break your concentration?”


Alternative version with footage

16. Mad Men – Trailer

17. Stephen Fry – Language

18. Fight Club – “This is a chemical burn”

19. The Beatles, Help

20. Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody

21. Shaun of the Dead – “The pub is the safe place to go.”

22. Wedding Crashers – “I’ve got the perfect girl for you.”

23. Forest Gump – “Run Forest run!”

24. Family Guy – “I’m hungry, take those breasts out.”

25. Zombieland – “United States of Zombieland”

26. The KingĂ­s Speech – “My dear, dear man”

27. Martin Luther King – “I have a dream”

28. Blink 182, Josie

29. RRT + MIT

30. Firefly – “I thought we were going to be reasonable about this.”

31. Tenacious D – “Inward singing”

32. Patton – “No bastard ever won a war…”

33. I love NYC

34. Little Britain – Vicky Pollard

35. Mercedes-Benz Ad

36. Love is

37. The Ten Commandments

39. Brian Eno, This

40. Inception – Trailer

41. Inglourious Basterds – “Killin’ Nazis”

42. Barack Obama – “Just Words?”

43. Iron Man – “The best weapon is when you never have to fire”

44. Minamilism poem

45. Alicia Keys, Empire State of Mind

46. Kanye West, Gold Digger

47. V For Vendetta – “Who?”

48. Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels – “I have 3 interests in life”

49. The Hives, Tick Tick Boom

50. Network – “Mad as hell!”

…and one final addition… The opening credits to Alfred Hitchcock’s North By Northwest.

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