endangered species

Everybody likes to have nice pictures for their desktop wallpaper, designers are no exceptions, I would even say that they pay more attention to their computer’s customization. To make your life easier in picking a new one, I’ve chosen 50 beautiful wallpapers for you. Enjoy!

1. I Love Typography

i love typography engraved

2. They Stole the Moon

they stole the moon

3. Blue Apple

blue apple

4. Tiny World

tiny world

5. Prehistoricana


6. Breakfast


7. Psychedelic Bears

psychedelic bears

8. Spirit loves cakes

spirit loves cakes

9. Pirates


10. Mac Vortex

mac vortex

11. Dream


12. Water light

water light

13. Abstract Wallpaper

abstract wallpaper

14. Planets


15. Autumn & Spring

autumn and spring

16. Mushrooms


17. I Heart Gaming

heart gaming

18. Water Bridge

water bridge

19. Octonauts


20. Endangered species

endangered species

21. Leaf


22. Think Green

Think Green

23. Glow Wallpaper

glow wallpaper

24. Chromata Reincarnation

chromata reincarnation

25. 60’s Modernist


26. Jelly Garden

jelly garden

27. In a pickle


28. Good Vibrations

good vibrations

29. Block 23

block 23

30. When the Day Comes

when the day comes

31. It’s like chocolate

its like chocolate

32. Melon Mountain

melon mountain

33. Inspired by Helvetica

inspired by helvetica

34. The Day we met for Coffee

the day we met for coffee

35. Firefox Wallpaper

firefox wallpaper

36. How to raise a thief

how to raise a thief

37. The Bandits theme

the bandits theme

38. David Bowie wallpaper

David Bowie wallpaper

39. Grunge wallpaper

grunge wallpaper

40. Strukt wallpaper


41. Purity


42. Sea Foam

sea foam

43. Microscopical Abstraction

microscopical abstraction

44. All Falls Down

all falls down

45. Design is time well spent

time well spent

46. Wood 03


47. Yellow Mongoose

yellow mongoose

48. Song of the Sky

song of the sky

49. Homer Simpson Apple

homer apple

50. Sword of Doom (wallpaper I’m using now)

sword of doom

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