For designers, icons are an amazing tool for building layouts and apps that are quicker to interact with. It allows us to use a little less text than we normally would needed and helps people to navigate through our designs quicker.

However, icons design takes a lot of time and effort, thus it is hard to create custom icons for every project. Thanks to the internet and an awesome community of designers, there are now plenty of high-quality open source icon sets that you can download free of charge and customize according to your needs, here are a few of these.

1. Heroicons

Heroicons is a set that you’ll find useful for website or app development. It comes in line or solid mode, so it’s more likely to adapt to your design. If you are a designer, you can directly open the icons in figma or download them on Github. For developers, the website provides a very useful feature to copy the icon code in JSX or SVG format for simpler use.

2. Foundation Icons

This icon font is the companion to the widely popular Foundation framework. It is mostly for website and application building, and conveniently presented in sub-groups. It also has a noteworthy focus on accessibility.

3. Feather Icons

If you are looking for simple and easy-to-customize icons, Feather’s Icons got you covered. With 282 icons available for download, you will find pretty much any icon you could need for website or app developement. Their website also offers a convenient icon customizer you can use to directly download the icons in the right format.

4. Font Awesome

Font Awesome is a gigantic database of icons that go well beyond app development, but offers icons for all kinds of use. There are over 5’000 icons in Font Awesome, it even grew to be one of the most popular open source projects on Github.

The best part about Font Awesome is probably that it is regularly updated with new icons, as you can see on the COVID-19 icons below.

5. Icons

A set of over 700 icons for development. Very convenient to use, as it offers plenty of download format: .css, .svg, .tsx, .fig, .xd, .json, .xml, making the perfect tool for prototyping.

6. Ionicons

Ionicons is a nice set of icons that come in three flavors: outline, filled, or sharp. It also includes a useful set of logo icons, which can prove useful for social icons buttons or other uses.

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