We’ve all seen some splendid examples of repurposing of IKEA furniture or ancient furniture. It’s less common to see it done with everyday items that you would normally not try to hack.

1. The clothespin chopsticks

You didn’t think you could this with your clothespin spring, did you?

2. The hanging funnel

It almost looks like it was just designed to become a hanger.

3. Tennis noise blocker

This one takes a tiny bit more work to create, but it’s quite cool. Cut a tennis ball in half and turn it into a noise-blocking device.

4. Light cuffs

A cool lamp, but I’m not sure about the safety of this one, wouldn’t the light bulb’s heat destroy the aquatic cuff quite quickly?

5. Household gloves fingers for serving sauces

Pretty clever, cut off a finger from your household gloves and turn it into a salad dressing doser.

6. Nail stamps

Nail decoration made easy and creative with stamps!

7. Door stop wall protector with a paintbrush

Can’t use this old brush anymore? Turn it into a door stop wall protector.

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