Watching what’s on the agenda in the design world is an extremely entertaining experience. Even when a new trend seems hackneyed at first glance, it can turn out to be fresh and unusual. Modern designers in their pursuit of trends are not so much trying to jump on a moving train as joining a real revolution in graphic images.

“Revolution” is exactly the right word to describe design trends. Designers weed out old-fashioned solutions and implement only the most ambitious and daring ideas when creating designs for various apps, web sites, logos, etc.

— For full and effective work, it is necessary to optimize the UX design process of creating new ideas, for this there are common steps and practices to follow —  says Slava Vaniukov, expert and CEO at Softermii.

However, a new idea is not always something completely unique and never seen before. Do not forget that everything new is a well-forgotten old. That is why the images of a decade, a century or even a thousand years ago, passed through the prism of modernity, can truly make an incredible impression, and become a new trend in modern design.

2021 was full of exciting ideas, but now in 2022, design is moving towards even bolder design choices. Below are 7 design ideas that are relevant from the beginning of 2022 to the present moment.

Anti-design is the last word in design.

Despite the fantastic popularity, this direction is not new. In the first half of the 20th century, sensual aesthetics were widely criticized in the design community, because of which this direction was born. Today’s interpretation of it has a closer connection with brutalism than 100 years ago. This is what distinguishes it today.

This direction seeks to demonstrate the aesthetics of incompleteness whether it be bare brickwork, accents on exposed electrical wiring, pipes, etc.

If we briefly characterize the graphic component of this direction, then anti-design involves strange color combinations, as if deliberately inept design of the site, as if completely without the use of cascading style sheets.

As we used to think, a truly high-quality design is concise and understandable. Anti-design ruthlessly breaks our ideas about it, awakening a storm of emotions in the viewer, forcing them to draw close attention to themselves.

However, it is worth remembering that such a design is extremely easy to turn into an ugly set of images and forms that will only cause the viewer or, for example, the user of your web app to reject and not form the right call to action. That is why the development of design in this style should be approached by truly experienced professionals who provide high-quality graphic design services.

Nostalgia for the 2000s

So, the children of generation Z are no longer children at all. Their nostalgia for the 2000s has become a new trend in design. The new Y2K trend includes many different styles. They are united by one thing – the search for aesthetics in what was once considered ugly and tasteless. As an example, we can recall the angular design of the software of the first computers, the first eight-bit set-top boxes, colorful packages of various sweets and snacks.

If we talk about the elements of graphic design directly, then Y2K is not pure minimalism, it challenges the viewer with a variety of doodles and textures and effects, because the main thing is to evoke a feeling of nostalgia.

Ukiyo-e – new inspiration 

Ukiyo-e is an ancient method of printing on paper using specially carved wooden figures. This printing method originated in Japan 300-400 years ago.

Today, designers are inspired by the style of old engravings made using this technology and create extremely interesting images.

The ukiyo-e direction intersects with the new trend in Japandi interior design, which is to combine Japanese and Scandinavian styles.

Combination of volume and plane

The new design trend of 2022 is prompting designers around the world to look for the most daring and challenging combinations. One such combination is the daring combination of 2D and 3D elements in their work.

Since such a combination is still extremely rare, it can literally become a cherry on any cake. However, it is worth remembering that quality work in this style, as a rule, is rated much higher due to the need for high professional skills in using specialized design software.

Maximalism to the maximum!

The year 2022 literally declares war on the already boring minimalism. Now designers, when developing a wide variety of web apps, sites, logos, and banners, are not afraid to use an abundance of different textures that evoke colors, chopped edges, irregular geometric shapes, which you have probably encountered more than once just when surfing the Internet. Yes, this is a real punishment for a perfectionist! The slogan less is better in 2022 is no longer relevant.

The path of maximalism, no matter what, is not a random scattering of forms and images across the pages of web sites or mobile apps. Maximalism is a competent filling of the void, a kind of “control over chaos”.

Flirty typography

The main thing in this direction is to express yourself loudly and clearly with the help of fonts and text styles. A designer working in this style tries to make the text as expressive as possible so that it remains understandable to the viewer.

Conceptually, the text here serves not just as an element of conveying information to the viewer, but as an independent design element.

Green thinking

The year 2020 shocked the whole world with a new deadly epidemic of coronavirus that swept over humanity. Design trends influenced by this factor were inspired by natural images.

In the modern world, where global climate change is increasingly affecting the life of an individual, the perception of nature is rapidly changing. Nature today is perceived not only as a field for finding inspiration, but also as our common home, which is extremely easy to lose. That is why modern graphic design reflects more natural images than ever before. 

The importance of graphic design cannot be overestimated. Professional designers providing graphic design services such as epiic. Know that a well-chosen design not only adds personality, but also goes beyond looks. Good graphics are used by brands to educate, inform, or persuade audiences using different images, colors, and shapes. It is also a reflection of the real world, clearly illustrating all the most important processes taking place in society. That is why, to comply with all modern trends in graphic design, it is so necessary to be an inseparable part of the surrounding world and clearly capture any changes in it.

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