Today it is important to have an online presence more than ever and a successful online presence can easily give you a successful offline presence. For example, Imagine having a boutique that is popular online – when you have a popular business online it brings customers to your door and that’s when you can create sales and build a brand.

But why does website design matter so much? Now, imagine yourself as a customer who clicks on a website when Google shows their result and the homepage does not look good or eye-catching to you. You will click on the back button and move on to the next result. This is why, whatever business you have today, you need to think like your audience. If you are a website designer or if someone who wants to create their website for their business, there are some things that you need to follow to make your site look great and keep your customers. You can even try some of the best website analysis tools to get the list of your competitors’ websites and you can have some ideas from there as well. 

Web designing is an important part of your business today and a small mistake can create a big problem that can cost you.

Today, in this blog we will discuss the seven things which you need to consider while designing a website.

  1. The reason behind your website – When you are building or designing a website you need to understand there should not be any mixed purposes for a single website. You need to make your website simple yet strategic. You need to ensure that it focuses on one single thing. When anyone visits your websites what do you want them to see? What picture and message can communicate to them? Establish the message behind your website and communicate with your audience. This should speak about your brand and be straightforward with your audience.
  2. Identifying your audience – It is important to know who you are designing your website for. Think, who is your target audience? Understand their views, opinions, and demography.  For example, if you have a website that represents women’s health then that should talk about women’s health, talk about the issues they face health-wise and what age range women you will attract with your website. A web designer should remember while designing these that it is not just about colours but a brand representation. 
  1. Content of the website – It can happen that you already have a website and are perfectly happy with your content. It is easy to transfer a copy but if you are building a website and do not have content at all – it can be a perfect start. Maybe you need a content writer or maybe you can write content for your website because you know your audience and your website traffic. The content helps you in creating a site map and understanding your website.
  2. Images –Once you are done with your content part it is time to think about images. You could use different options like you could take your images and represent your website or you could hire a photographer and maintain a high-quality brand for your image. You can also use stock images at a reasonable price but it may represent your brand powerfully enough.
  3. Mobile should be your top priority – Mobile is everything today and people use mobile today more than a laptop but this depends on age and generations. Web designers should know that 51% of global web traffic originates from mobile devices. You need to design and optimize your images, texts, logo, and other smaller details which can be beneficial for your visitors. They will be accessing the website from a small screen so optimizing and making your website more mobile-friendly can be good for you.
  4. Including a call to action – Web designers should know that placing a call to action in a web designer. Like a “Contact us today” which demonstrates that you want to build a relationship with your customer or keeping a newsletter would be great for your new customers. This will help you in earning the loyalty of your customers whether they are new or want more information about your business. A call to action is a necessity in your website.
  5. SEO friendly codes – The most important thing about your website is SEO. Whether you are developing new web pages – web designers or just fixing the old ones. SEO friendly codes are important yet critical. It requires a little knowledge of coding but there are certain CMS services like WordPress which provides you plugin designs to simplify the process of SEO codes which can increase your ranking in search engines.

Final Thoughts
As I have mentioned earlier, it is important to have an online presence for every business in 2021. The website helps you in reaching your goal and also creates brand awareness in a wider range while this can drive traffic to your store. Designing a web is not only about images and videos it is a representation of your business. Tell people what your business is all about. To make successful website designers, you need to understand the business so you can put every possible detail about their business.

About the Author

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Mirko Humbert

Mirko Humbert is the editor-in-chief and main author of Designer Daily and Typography Daily. He is also a graphic designer and the founder of WP Expert.