Welcoming the New Year 2015, doesn’t mean you forget the creative design resources from the past year. That is why today we have the collection of 8 great icon design resources from 2014 that can be your inspiration anytime while you start designing icons for your clients or for your own business. Have a look at these resources below!

1. Bootstrap Icon

You can get the cheat sheet of all existing Bootstrap icons here.

bootstrap icon

2. Map Glyphs

Map Glyphs is an ultimate css map font that contains 301 scalable vector map icons of the world, continents, globes, countries and states in a single font.

Map Glyphs

3. IcoMelon

IcoMelon is a modern svg icons library for the web. Visit the website by clicking here.


4. Anicorns

Anicorns, which is a library of animated icons is available here. It is designed by by Sebas and Clim.


5. Make App Icon

Make App Icon as the name suggests, easily generates an app icon of your desired size. All you need to do is simply drop your design file in on-page toaster drop zone and see the result.

Make App Icon

6. Iconogen

Iconogen easily generates all of the nice site add-ons like Faceicons, Windows tiles, Apple Touch icons and iOS icons too.


7. Marka

Get the code look for your design with this incredible Marka. It makes your transitions between icons and shapes look amazing in code .


8. Ramotion Realistic iOS App Icons

Browse through a collection of realistic app icons made by the folks of Ramotion by clicking here.

Ramotion Realistic iOS App Icons

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