Some parts of the world have really fascinating, amazing and incredible design illustrations that simply WOWs us. If you do not believe, then have a look at below mentioned 8 design concepts that will leave you jaw dropping.

1. Vertical Farming Towers

This is a man made pile of stones used as trail markers which design is inspired by nature and landmark. This project is based on Vincent Callebau Architectures that hopes to solve the growing population issue along with the increased production of energy by creating a environment that produces more energy than it consume.

Vertical Farming Towers

2. Self-Sustaining Underwater City

This project is proposed by Shimizu Corporation that imagines a self-sustaining city underwater. It aims to capitalize on the enormous potential of the deep sea by linking together, vertically, the air, sea surface, deep sea and sea floor.


3. Tidal Wave Powered House

This is an innovative project concept by designer and architect Margot Krasojević. He aims at creating a futuristic home that harnesses tidal wave power to generate electricity. Awesome idea, isn’t it?

Tidal Wave Powered House

4. Sustainable Home Completely Powered by the Sun

This sustainable home which is completely powered by the Sun was designed by more than 40 university students under the name Team Sweden and this is a sustainable living concept.

Sustainable Home Completely Powered by the Sun

5. 3D-Printed Prosthetic Limbs

3D printing is the hottest techbuzz word in the marketplace. Designer William Root uses a combination of a 3D scanner, a 3D printer, and a complex 3D modeling software to create a more precise, customizable and affordable prosthesis which resembles a web-like exoskeleton.

3D-Printed Prosthetic Limbs

6. Windowless Plane Provides Panoramic Views

UK-based tech innovation company Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) came up with this thrilling concept where a plane is made without any window. Yes, you heard it right! Instead, the windows are replaced with high-definition, flexible display screen panels which can be used to see views from around the aircraft.

Windowless Plane Provides Panoramic Views

7. Aircraft That Links to Train-Like Pods

An award-winning design consultancy Studio Globe reimagines the transportation system by giving a glimpse into what a smooth and seamless transition from ground to air would look like.

Aircraft That Links to Train-Like Pods

8. Drone Ambulance

Design firm argodesign has designed a one-person ambulance drone that can land almost anywhere. It would carry a single EMT to the scene, who would stabilize the patient, load him up and send him to the hospital for treatment.

Drone Ambulance

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