When done right, increasing a website’s functionality can enhance visitor interest. It can improve its usability, and even increase its conversion rate. If you can use a plugin to make this happen the effort required to implement the added functionality is often minimal.

Put another way, pick the right plugin for the problem you need to solve and the results, the time saved, and the ROI can be off the charts.

There’s certainly no shortage of WordPress plugins on the market. There are so many in fact that it can be difficult to find one that could address your needs. It is even more difficult to find a super-useful one that not only does the job but does it well.

To help you along we’ve assembled this list of 2020’s top WordPress plugins.

1. Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin

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Booking an appointment generally takes little time and can usually be easily handled manually. It’s a different story when a constant stream of bookings has to be managed. Manually taking and managing multiple bookings can take hours of time, plus manual methods can be prone to errors.

  • Amelia is a WordPress booking plugin that provides a reliable error free solution to your booking needs
  • health and fitness clubs, spas, gyms, beauty parlors, and even consulting firms can make bookings 24/7.
  • Amelia manages employee scheduling as well, matching employees to clients and scheduling hours worked, special days, and days off.
  • Amelia can manage bookings and appointments for a single or multiple business locations, for virtual sessions you can use Zoom integration.
  • Amelia replaces sticky notes with up-to-date graphic depictions of the business’s key performance indicators (KPIs)

Amelia is easy to use. It’s GDPR compliant and currently in use by 12,000+ businesses.  

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2. wpDataTables – Table and Chart WordPress Plugin

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With wpDataTables messy, ugly tables, navigation and load speed issues, and time wasted associated with attempting to manage large amounts of data can be completely avoided.

Attractive, responsive, and editable tables and charts can be created in minutes rather than hours, and the frustration that sometimes accompany attempting to create an informative table or chart can be avoided as well.

With this premium plugin you can –

  • Take advantage of conditional formatting, where data of particular interest can be color-coded
  • Apply multi-criteria filtering of data to easily access needed information
  • Manage data from multiple separate Database connections
  • Create tables and charts based on CSV and Excel files, SQL queries, and Google spreadsheets
  • Create tables and charts based on JSON and XML feeds and PHP arrays

wpDataTables allows you to build tables and charts using a single plugin rather than several and lets you organize your data the way you want to.

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3. Go Dash – Makes Your Dashboard Fast

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On the average, WordPress users spend just under 6 minutes searching for what they need after they log in. Power users generally find what they want almost immediately and can complete a task in 3 or 4 minutes that can take many users 15 to 20.

The Go Dash plugin significantly speeds up your dashboard activity. Instead of feeling a bit envious when you see a power user doing his or her thing, you might consider investing in Go Dash.

With Go Dash you can:

  • Power Search all your pages, posts & products – Even admin pages!
  • Create favorites & groups for fast access
  • Open multiple pages with a single click    
  • Access recently viewed pages and posts

Become a full-fledged WordPress power user with Go Dash!

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4. AdSanity

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The AdSanity plugin supports Image and Text ads, Ad Networks, and HTML5 ads. It functions seamlessly with WordPress Custom Post Types and is easy to use,

  • AdSanity’s dashboard features a high-level custom reporting capability
  • Ads can be inserted into your content automatically rather than manually
  • 12 Add-ons significantly extend AdSanity’s functionality to match your specific use
  • Ad templates can be customized to help users size and format ads

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5. Logic Hop – Content Personalization for WordPress

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Logic Hop puts the power of content personalization at your fingertips. By leveraging on-site activity and real-time data, it allows you to show the right content to the right people at the right time.

  • Fully integrated with WordPress, Logic Hop is a truly professional level tool
  • Logic Hop’s free addons are 100% compatible with WooCommerce, Beaver Builder, Divi, & others
  • Logic Hop is the only plugin that allows unlimited personalization with geolocation 

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6. MapSVG WordPress mapping plugin

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MapSVG helps you create custom content that you can show on a Google, Vector, or image map to give visitors additional helpful information.

  • A key feature is the build-in database and content manager
  • Map data can be managed directly within your sites WordPress Admin
  • Interactive maps and associated information can be edited and maintained within MapSVG

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7. Ads Pro Plugin – Multi-Purpose WordPress Advertising Manager

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AdsPro is the largest ad management plugin for WordPress in terms of the sheer flexibility it delivers through its host of helpful features

Highlights include

  • An order form plus 25+ ad templates and 20+ ad display types
  • User’s panel and user statistics
  • Options to show ads in specific devices
  • Stripe, PayPal, Bank Option, and WooCommerce payment options

This 100% responsive plugin also provides ad filtering, scheduling, and duration management.

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8. Slider Revolution

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Slider Revolution 6 offers much more than its name implies. This premium plugin is a powerhouse website content builder. It’s also a potential game changer if your websites are beginning to look more and more alike.

  • Slider Revolution can create exciting, dynamic solutions to your everyday design problems and issues.
  • It enables you to create everything from sliders, carousels, content modules to full websites.
  • 2000+ royalty-free media assets are included

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A conversation about which plugins and solutions are best for WordPress users can often turn into a spirited debate. That’s not unusual since there’s a host of fantastic WordPress plugins on the market that different people use in different ways.

The 8 top WordPress plugins featured here are, in our opinion, MUST-HAVE web design tools. We have crowdsourced them from some of the leading online entrepreneurs and bloggers we’ve become acquainted with.

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