Spring is on the way! During this season, everyone gets happier and has energy not only for work but also for playing new online slots or training. What’s more, everything is blooming, and it can help your design. To make your flat greener, use these simple tips.  

1. Live Grass in the Interior Instead of the Usual Flowers

Live grass in appearance is not inferior to conventional plants. Its fine spikelets will fit into any interior, look good on the windowsill in the bedroom or on the dining table in the kitchen. Tall home lawn in narrow and long pots can zoned space, for example, separating the recreation area from the kitchen. And live grass in small pots decorates a festive dining table. 

2. A Lawn in the Study

A lawn in the office is an unconventional idea. But one look at it relaxes. Install a tray with grass on the floor or on the windowsill. If there is no time to take care of the home lawn, then choose unpretentious grasses.

3. Flowers in a Pot or Live Grass on the Partition

In small apartments, it is not easy to find a place for a tall flower in a large pot. An alternative – a composition of several small pots or tall living grass on zoning partitions. For example, such a partition also can be made with his own hands from a closet rack, hanging on it a few planters.

Before you buy plants, check whether the daylight, necessary for flowers, reaches the partition. If not, choose plants which do not like light. 

4. Flowers and Grass in a Frame on the Wall

Another non-trivial way to design a flower or live grass in a pot is to hang it on the wall. So, you can create a composition of different plants or fit one flower in a pot between other decor. Remember, when there are not enough coffee tables and window sills for flowers, the walls will always come to the rescue.

5. Edible Greenery Planters in the Kitchen

For those who value practicality first and foremost, a green island can be created from edible greens. For example, form a cachet from an embroidery frame, and on them with the help of clothespins fasten parsley, mint, basil, etc. Another option is to hang seed germinators and grow your own greens in the kitchen. Attach the herb trays to a slate board and the board to the wall by the window.

6. Home Greenhouse on a Stepladder

If window sills are small, coffee tables are busy, or you just want something new, decorate a mini greenhouse right on a stepladder or an old ladder. Pre-paint the stepladder in the desired color. Also on it you can store books and any other decor besides flowers or pots with live grass. 

Scandinavian, modern and minimalist interiors will suit any variation of pots – from metal and mirror to old wine bottles. And in classic interiors pots made of dark clay and ceramics will fit in.

7. Home Lianas in a Cachet

In country houses or loft interiors, where the beams are open, you can hang domestic lianas immediately on them. If there are no beams, you can hang flower cachet on the ceiling hooks. And if you do not want to spoil the ceiling, then use special wooden platforms on the walls. In rooms with low ceilings, hang the planter in the corner. That way it won’t get in the way.

8. Flowers and Live Grass in Upside Down Pots

Flowers in upside down pots is probably the most original idea. It is both creative and practical, because the pots do not take up shelves, window sills, etc., but hang on the walls or ceiling. The design of the pot due to the double bottom securely holds the flower and soil. Such a composition can be placed over the kitchen island or work surface. And instead of flowers grow greenery.

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