Gone are the days when we had a few mundane options of tile designs to choose from. Today, choosing online tiles means surfing through seas of textures, finishes, prints, shades, and whatnots!

But don’t worry, we shall make it easy for you to navigate this sea with some of the most stunning tile designs to pick from.

  1. Matte finish – Although glossy tiles were extremely popular once, the attention has been shifting more towards the matte finished tiles. The best characteristic of matte tiles is that it is less prone to watermarks and scratches, and thus most homeowners consider it for their bathrooms. If you are looking for an earthy feel mingled with sheer sophistication for your bathroom tiles, this is the best you can get.
  • Graphic patterns – These intrinsic prints have patterns that have made their way in almost every element of home décor, and bathroom tiles are not an exception to this. Graphic patterned tiles are in hype right now, so if you want to woo your guests, then this is the best pick for you. If you can think of any creative patterns then you can print our tiles.
  • Whites and neutrals – 2020 trends suggest that bold colors like crimson and blue would not be there in the bathroom anymore, and neutral tones are here to take its place. Even a fusion tone of grey and beige named ‘Geige’ has emerged, thanks to the obsession of homeowners towards these neutrals.
  • Subway style – If you think that subway tiles are quite boring then wait till you see it getting bigger and popular in 2020! The most exciting part is these are coming in quirky shapes like arched, domed, beveled, etc to take your heart. You can mix and match different colored tiles and place them horizontally or vertically. Or you can even mingle various patterned tiles and create a mosaic-like pattern.
  • Wood-finish planks – So you though wood planks can never be an option for your bathroom tiles? Well, think again because wood planking is flooding the marketplace this year. The reason behind this is mostly the larger size and width of the tiles and the natural and realistic look of the tiles.
  • Marble beauty – This needs no introduction because, over the decades, marble tiles have been owing homeowners with sophistication. Even though marble tiles are now manufactured in a range of bold colors and patterns, most homeowners have an affinity towards softer tones of marble tiles for their bathrooms.
  • Metallic star – If you want to give your bathroom an edgy makeover with lots of sheens, then this is what you need. Metallic bathroom tiles are just launched, but it is expected to make some hype real soon!
  • 3D texture – If you want to get stunned every time you walk into your bathroom, then take a look at the hypnotizing 3D tiles. But if you are not up for the bold effects, you can choose subtle 3D designsv as well.

Tip: No matter which design you pick, always make sure to consider the maintenance aspect and longevity of the tiles.

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