Web design is a lucrative field, considering most businesses need a website and an online presence. However, making six or seven figures in the field of web design takes more than just raw skills – you will need to think differently to make it happen.

This article will give you some insight on the things you need to do to create a million-dollar career as a web designer.

1. Change your mindset

The key is to think big. Dream beyond what you’re comfortable dreaming. It’s only once you open your mind to possibilities, you can achieve them. This might sound corny – but your mind is pure potential, you just need to access it.

It’s no surprise that you can use the Internet to scale your business and reach your target market nationally and even internationally. So, why remain a small web design business when you can become a large company that lands big brands?

Since it starts with your mindset, listen to this series of podcasts by Naval Ravikant for a head start.

2. What’s your USP?

As a web design company, what sets you apart is important. Though the quality of your company’s website design skills is one thing – but you can’t solely rely on good design skills

With so many competitors out here, you need to determine your unique selling proposition (USP).

Here are some ideas:

  • Offer excellent customer service and support, customers who are treated well forgive mistakes, return, and spend more on your business.
  • Move beyond a template to cater to the individualistic needs of customers.
  • Offer timely deliveries.
  • Be an easily approachable business
  • Invest time in advertising to build a brand

3. Invest in top talent

No business is a one-man show. To expand your business and get more clients, you will need additional manpower.

More than that, you will need to invest in top talents like art directors, chief designers, sales and marketing managers, and more.

Getting experts on board can not only take your web design service to the next level but also pull in high-end customers.

4. Invest in Technology

Apart from investing in a skilled talent pool, investing in technology like marketing and sales applications is equally important. Especially, for the sales and marketing vertical.

CRM software is an essential sales app for almost all businesses as it helps both – the sales and marketing departments. Implementing a CRM system can help you manage leads, sales, and nurture existing clients.

Here are some of the reasons why CRM systems are one the best apps for driving sales:

  1. Lead or Customer history
  2. Detailed analytical reporting
  3. Improved messaging with automation
  4. Dashboards that visually showcase data
  5. Proactive service
  6. Enhanced automation
  7. Easy collaboration

5. Be confident in your pricing

You’re about serving clients, not just selling websites. By offering greater value, you can charge a higher price.

Focus on offering premium quality services. Look around at what your competitors are doing. Find the ones that have captured the biggest market share. See what they are offering and try to meet those standards and go above and beyond if possible. When you know you’re offering the best of services and experience you can confidently charge a premium price.

Having said that, it is important to not charge exorbitantly, where your charges are a far cry from that of your competitors.

6. Refine your pitching skills

Every top-notch salesman can become a successful businessman. Since you’re always selling something, it is imperative that you be good at it.

To land big customers you need to hone your team’s selling skills. Most importantly, have a powerful convincing sales pitch.

Having a clear business vision can help create succinct and powerful sales pitches.

7. Diversify

To increase revenue, you can diversify your inventory. This is one of the most efficient ways some of the major businesses have survived or penetrated the market.

For instance, in India, McDonald’s added Mc Aloo Tikki burger that it sold for no profit and no loss, just to start the customer inflow. Once they are in, they might find other items where the restaurant aims for profits.

As a web designing agency owner, you can offer a wider range of products, such as customized web development, downloadable templates, domain hosting, tech support, maintenance plans, tutorials, courses, and more. Thus, opening multiple revenue opportunities.

8. Your website is your portfolio – so stand out

Last but not least, strive to stand out visually. You might want to go the extra mile when it comes to creativity – and take the liberty.

Use your website as a platform to showcase your lateral thinking, imaginativeness, color sensitivity, spatial sensibility, and more.

Here are some examples:

These examples may be a bit extreme. You can take a call on how much inspiration you want to take from them.

8. Learning, training, and upskilling

Keep yourself and your staff updated with the latest technology and tools on website design so you’re always ahead of the curve. Moreover, it can be of great help if you can get formal business training to understand the nitty-gritty of a business and what to expect.

Here are some references:

Web Designing Courses:

Business Courses:


We hope that this article has been of value to you. We hope you can now march a bit more confidently towards your six-figure web design career.

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