Typography is already great when staying still and filling our prints, but it can get even greater when taken in motion and coming to life.

The Lion’s roar, a good song with creative and entertaining use of typography.

Duck & cover, fun with an old public service announcement.

Are you gonna be my girl. Home made, but not bad.

Devil’s advocate, sound is taken from the movie with typography on it.

A very nice experiment, worth watching.

Tramp, I really like this one, looks more like a layout going forward.

Streetlight manifesto, another great animation, just a little too short.

Citizen Cope, let the drummer kick. My favorite in the list, typography really comes to life in it.

Kinetic typography, live out loud.

Edit: And… a 10th video, since commenters have been pointing me to it. I already featured this video on Designer Daily, which is the simple reason why I didn’t mention it here.

Edit 2: Two more videos pointed by more commenters…

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