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Expensive interior design is an integral part of modern homes in the United Arab Emirates. Today we will show our readers the best in contemporary design that can be applied to your home in Dubai. If you want to get advice on apartments prices in Downtown Dubai, or any other area of the city, then contact Emirates.Estate specialists.

General interior tendencies

In 2022, cream and soft shades will become dominant in interiors. Contrasting combinations are almost forgotten – people are increasingly feeling the need for peace, solitude, and positive emotions. Since we spend a lot of time at home, personal spaces can help us reflect our own aesthetics.

Trends to follow 

1. Warm chocolate shades

Many clients choose rich chocolate browns and light browns for their interiors. This applies to paint as well as for trim and soft furnishings such as pillows and linens. Warm tones seem more welcoming, unique, and out of the box.

2. Beautiful bedding

Many designers advice saving on anything, but not on bed linen. After all, you spend your most precious time on it, when your body is energized. Too much depends on your sleep – appearance, health, tone, and mood. Dwell has a fine selection of bed linen, from fantasy prints to blooming gardens of paradise.

3. Leather

In 2022, leather items will really have a chance. There is still a trend towards historical pieces with lots of embellishment – ​​classic and contemporary.

4. Maximalism

Maximalism is the use of the “excess”, whether it is a colorful velvet, fringe, a 19th-century French chest of drawers – or all of these at the same time! 2022 will be dominated by rich palettes with layers of colors and textures. With a general trend to spend more time at home, no one canceled the luxury of interior decoration, which, for example, can be seen in the Al Huzaiza brand.

5. Dark kitchens

Over the past five years, kitchens have changed and darker and gloomier colors have become popular. Decorative stones such as granite, marble, and quartzite are in vogue. Their matte and slightly uneven texture tend to hide clutter, which is a huge plus. Glossy surfaces are going out of fashion, as in wildlife it is extremely rare to find something even and shiny. Today, stone and wood surfaces are in demand – in a word, something that has the most natural shade.

6. Something old, something new

Home interior design today is increasingly leaning towards incorporating recycled vintage finds and period furniture, as well as custom pieces to make your space unique.

7. Quiet place

Every home should have a room where introverts – and perhaps some extroverts – can retreat to think about their plans for the day and recharge their internal resources. In such a quiet corner, people can find peace, and silence and feel the natural flow of life.

8. Floral wallpaper

Wallpaper with a floral pattern is a trend that has not lost its position for several seasons in a row. Such wallpapers are best combined with certain trends in design. In particular, light and small prints with a floral theme look great in a country interior, and if you decide to create a catchy decor in the Art Nouveau style, then large floral elements will suit you. A good selection of floral print wallpapers can be found at the Dwell home decor store in Dubai Marina Mall.

9. Soft rounded shapes

This trend is most clearly seen in the design of upholstered furniture. Sofas and armchairs seem to have been treated with sea waves for many years. Streamlined curved shapes are found in the design of coffee and side tables, lamps, and decor.

Real estate in Dubai

The interior of your home is super important because you spend time there relaxing, having fun with friends, or even working. For your home to be a haven, you need to carefully choose the property to invest in. As the demand for real estate in Dubai is huge and there a plenty of options to choose from it is best to find someone to help you navigate the market. Emirates.Estate website has a rich catalog of apartments and villas in Dubai. You can address the specialists of the website with any question concerning the property in Dubai. Go over to the website and check out the offers by yourself.

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