A unique business card is always appreciable and stands in the eyes of everyone. For your inspiration, here we have a collection of 15 truly impressive and unique business cards. Have a look at them below!

1. Beata Faron

Have a look at some amazing business card collection by Beata Faron here.

Beata Faron

2. Broken Karate business card

You can view this amazing business card for karate here.

Broken Karate business card

3. Comb

A creative business card for all the hairdressers. You can view it here.


4. Like A Tramp

This is a business card designed for Roger Keynes. You can view it here.

Like A Tramp

5. Sponge

This is a business card printed on a real sponge which is available here.


6. Tam Cargo

An incredible business card design which is available here.

Tam Cargo

7. Plastic card

This is the Business Card for the Inkd team printed on frosted plastic. You can view it here.

Plastic card

8. Edible card

Feeling hungry? Then having this edible business card of the Bombay bakery may help you. You can find it here.

Edible card

9. Last.fm

You can view this business card here.


10. Wood business cards

You can view this unique business card here.

Wood business cards

11. Motherboard Business Card

The base of this card is a 20mm frosted plastic with silver foil stamping produced by Dallas Card Works which is available here.

Motherboard Business Card

12. Film card

This card would be perfect for a film company. You can view it here.

film card

13. Break The Ice

You can view this amazing business card here.

Break The Ice

14. On A Peg

This is an unusual idea to use clothespin as a business card. You can view it here.

On A Peg

15. Saw Blades

You can view this incredible business card here.

Saw Blades

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