It always amazes me how some designers will take extra time to work on products that look totally useless, or over-the-top, then how people will pick up these products and it becomes a must-have for everyone. In this post, I have collected some gadgets that are most of the time well-designed, but that often seem kind of useless.

The scissor/tape combo

Two items that are often used together. The combination looks a bit odd and not so practical, especially for using the tape, but some people designed it and sell it nonetheless.


The cake mold that makes individual slices

Because cutting a cake is hard, and making two cakes in different molds is not as fun as in this individual slices mold.


LED Faucet Lights

Because being eco-friendly sucks and you want to spend extra electricity to add color to your water (red when hot, blue when cold).


The inflatable pillow-tie

Ok, this could actually lead me to wear a tie one day.


The dustpan that cleans your broom

This one is actually pretty useful and will make your cleaning work (slightly) more enjoyable.


The beach tote bag that gets rid of sand

Thanks to a mesh bottom, this tote bag will make it much easier to get rid of sand after a beach trip.


The citrus atomizer

Did you know that fruit could be enhanced? I didn’t either, but now I know that you can add a tap to spray lemon juice wherever you want. Looks like there will be a lot lemon juice wasted with this design.


This safe with a timer

Want to stop smoking or at least limit your smoking? This safe should help you greatly. It also looks quite useful if you want to protect chocolate from your kids.


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