Most web professionals are creative types who multi-task as easily as they breathe. If that describes you then the apps below will be a welcome sight. They won’t change the world or make you a better person, but they will help you get those tasks done faster and easier, and in the end it’s all about speed these days anyway so click on a few and take them for a quick spin.

MightyDeals – Deals on web tools that you actually need

Let’s be honest, you can’t throw a virtual stone without hitting a ‘deal’ site these days.  What I like about Mighty Deals is that they know who they are and who their audience is; web pros that need web tools at good prices. Done.  If you need web tools and you don’t want to wade through a ton of garbage to find them then Mighty Deals is the site for you.

Best Feature – Their ‘Deal of the Day’ changes daily and their ‘Freebies’ page has, you know, free stuff.

5 Minutes – Helping creative professionals sell more

If you’re a creative professional and make your living online you need to give 5minutes a look. They can help you make more money with smart portfolios that work on a wide range of devices, which optimized for Google so you’ll get ranked high on the search engines. Whether you’re selling digital or physical products they can help get you noticed and sell more.

Best Feature – A full range of responsive templates to customize all of your new sites.

WordPress for iOS – Making the best blogging platform a little better

WordPress for iOS makes it easy to share photos, write posts, and edit your content while on the go. Everyone who blogs knows that WordPress is one of the top blogging sites, and when it’s hooked up with iOS you get to use it on your iPad and iPhone. Sweet. Talk about the best of both worlds.  From comments to location mapping the app gives you a lot of tools to stay in touch with your web audience. Now if they would come out with an Android model my life would be complete.

Best Feature –  It’s WordPress optimized for your iPad! Yay!

TapBots – Easy tools for everyday tasks

OK, I’ll be honest. TapBots isn’t going to blow your mind with something world changing. That being said these little apps go a long way towards helping you do a few tasks much easier. WeightBot for example helps you easily track your weight if you’re dieting, and ConvertBot is useful if you constantly have to change units of measurement.  Not super exciting but if you need to do those things TapBots can help.

Best Feature – TweetBot helps you keep track of your Twitter account.

TeamViewer – Control other computers from your own for customer service issues

If you provide a lot of support to your customers when they have computer issues then this is a very cool program. They don’t need to download anything and you can access their desktop and computer to make changes and updates as if you were sitting in front of it yourself. Transfer files using the drag & drop feature too.  The nefarious implications of this make me a little jittery, I will admit, but in times of need it could come in very handy.

Best Feature – Your customer can connect within seconds without the need to install any software.

iAWriter – Focus on text, nothing else

Not sure if I see the real need for this app for the iPad and iPhone (Mac too). This app supposedly lets you ‘concentrate on just the text’ while you’re writing, without the ‘distractions’ of…what exactly? I’m a writer and, when I’m in the zone, nothing distracts me. Plus, who the heck really is writing anything more than a text on their iPhone?! It seems popular though so maybe I’m missing something.

Best Feature – It’s integrated with DropBox so any updates on one device go to all your others.


Pocket – Keep track of all the cool stuff you find online

If you’re like me you usually browse the net at lightning speed, especially if you’re rushed for time.  The problem is that, sometimes, I see stuff that I want to go back to and look at or read more but I forget where I saw it.  With Pocket you can easily bookmark those pages, pics, articles or whatever for viewing later. Even better, you can save from anywhere and read from anywhere later, even off-line.  Nice.

Best Feature – Pocket is integrated into 300 apps and counting.

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