Nowadays, humor is one of the trendiest tendencies in interior design. A positive design will certainly be well perceived by people of all ages and with various ways of life. The humor may be used in different ways: you may use funny accessories, furniture of interesting forms, bright posters and paintings etc.

The elements of décor which can make you smile are extremely important for active people, overloaded with studies, work and family obligations. Humor in your dwelling or office will help you to energize in a wink and see your life and yourself from an absolutely different, more positive and happy, angle.

A very easy and affordable way to add a touch of humor to the room is to buy a funny poster. First of all, a poster doesn’t cost much and almost everyone can afford it. Secondly, the choice of all possible funny posters is incredible and you will definitely find the one, which will look harmonically in your interior design. For example, a great choice of cool funny posters is available on this site. And, finally, that’s very easy to buy them as they are available at both live and online stores and, in addition, you will have no problems with mounting them on the walls as this process is very simple as well.

Among the most popular funny posters are motivational, demotivational, funny cats and dogs images. There is also a special kind of humorous posters for offices and working places. Let’s consider all these types in more details.

Funny Motivational Posters

Motivational posters continue to be popular both for home and office use. However, if you feel tired of dull and emotionless images, try to hang funny inspirational posters. Believe that humor won’t distort the meaning of the motivational phrase, but is able to make it more effective. A funny motivational image may consist of a single ironical or humorous phrase about certain issues. It can be a serious and philosophical phrase with a humorous illustration. It’s also possible to add a humorous touch to an ordinary poster by just adding a smile or emoji to it.


A Funny Motivational Poster

Funny Demotivational Posters

If you don’t need any motivation and just want to decorate the walls with funny images and witty phrases, you may use a demotivational poster. Demotivators are usually very ironic and even sarcastic. If mounted on the wall, they will certainly attract attention of everyone, who enters the room it’s placed in. Such posters are more frequently used for teenagers’ and young people’s rooms or at offices.


A Demotivational Poster

Funny Dog Posters

Dogs are very photogenic and that’s not strange that many people prefer to hang their images at homes and offices. Funny dog posters can feature dogs, wearing human clothes or various accessories like hats or glasses; dogs, which represent certain professions and occupations; dogs, which sleep in funny poses; dogs riding in cars; cute yawning puppies; guilty dogs etc. There is also a great number of funny motivational posters with dogs and the ones with witty quotes and jokes. The secret of why dog posters raise our mood isn’t only in the funny pose or a witty phrase, but in these animals. Dogs have a positive effect on us even if they do nothing but just look into our eyes, even if this look is from a hanging piece of wall art.


A Funny Dog Poster

Funny Cat Posters

Cats are very mysterious animals, but sometimes they can be very cute and funny. The photos of guilty and angry cats are among the most popular ones. Despite the fact that cats don’t show their emotions in the way the dogs do, they still express some feelings and those moments must be definitely photographed. The images of lazy and sleeping cats are often used for demotivational posters while hang in there cat pictures may become good motivators. There is also some funny cartoon cat images, which can become a nice decoration for a baby room. And, of course, like in the case with dog posters, some quotes or jokes can be added to make the poster more humorous.


A Funny Cat Poster

Funny Office Posters

Funny posters are frequently used at offices. They help to distract from the routine and make the working day funnier. The themes for them may vary. It can be a funny picture, showing the everyday hardships of an office worker, like waking up early and waiting for Friday evening, a funny list of office rules, a humorous set of safety tips, jokes about coffee and its role in the life of an office worker etc. Moreover, each office and each team has some unique features and jokes, which can be used for posters as well. The motivational, demotivational and funny animals’ images are also used at offices.


A Funny Office Poster

So, you see that simple funny posters can make the design of your home or office more cheerful and entertaining. Life is given to us not to get bored. That’s why if you have an opportunity to make the atmosphere around you more positive, don’t lose this chance.

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