It’s been a while since we last got some inspiration from well-designed business cards. Let’s check out a few.

Martin Hong

A beautiful card that makes a clever use of transparency for Martin Hong, film maker.


Moxie Tuesday

An unusual shape and a grungy design work perfectly for this design studio.


Two Sisters

Another one with a creative shape for the card, and an extra class added by the letterpress printing. Perfect fit for these two photographers who happen to also be sisters.


Jorge Alvarez

A unique business card designed by Jorge Alvarez, designer and illustrator, for himself.




A minimalist card design that says it all, designed by Flux.


Wooden business card

Experimenting with new materials can be a great way to produce suprisingly good results.


Chalk type

Using the texture of a board and type that emulates the chalk style, Kyle Anthony Miller did a great job making this card’s design pop out.


Using shapes

Creating a business card that has a unique shape will make it stand out right away. That’s what Big Fan design studio did for these Teachingshop business cards.


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